Ricardo Mayorga Waits and Confronts His Opponent at the Airport


    Ricardo Mayorga is no stranger to controversy. He would verbally and physically taunt his opponents often times turning press conferences into bar room brawls. The biggest controversy of his career was a rape case in which he was acquitted with the help of Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega for a portion of Mayorga’s winnings.

    Mayorga “retired” from boxing after his loss to Miguel Cotto in 2011 but had always hinted at a comeback. On May 3rd Mayorga will be making his second attempt at an MMA debut. His first attempt was put off at the last minute when Don King; who Mayorga had a falling out with; took the legal route in blocking the fight from taking place. His opponent was Wesley Tiffer.

    Mayorga went the extra mile this time around going to the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, Nicaragua to wait for and taunt his opponent on his arrival. “I wanted to make sure with my own eyes you were coming,” said Mayorga. “You’ll get a reputation for the beating that I’m going to give you. I am a world champion. I will punish you and knock you out!”

    Win or lose in his MMA debut Mayorga should be able to return to the boxing ring with no issues. Mayorga proved he was still a dangerous opponent and still an entertaining fighter win, lose, or draw in his last fight.