Ricky Burns Manager Says Beltran-Burns II Is 99% Done


    Ricky Burns Manager Says Beltran-Burns 2 Is 99% Done

    A well deserved rematch is almost set in stone for uncrowned lightweight champion Raymundo Beltran who will get a chance at redemption from the one of the worst decisions we have seen in boxing this year. Ricky Burns manager Alex Morrison has confirmed that a rematch between the two fighters is 99% done.

    A couple months back Beltran faced off against Burns and by everyone’s account won the match, breaking Burns jaw in the process. The fight was called a draw which had boxing fans crying foul and demanding a rematch.

    Burns has stated that he wants the rematch with Beltran which is a bold move for the fighter to take. Burns could have walked away and fought someone else but wants to prove to everyone why he is (even though he should not be) the champion and leave no doubts.

    As for Beltran, expect to see more from him than in the first fight.