Rigondeaux Ordered to Pay Former Advisor $50k


In what seemed to be the year of the lawsuit for Guillermo Rigondeaux in 2012, 2013 has started off with him losing one. In a document received by ThaBoxingVoice.com from Eddy Marin, Rigondeaux’s former advisor, Rigondeaux was ordered to pay $50,000 by the 11th circuit court of Miami-Dade County. The court document was dated on January 7th and his bank account was ordered to be garnished for that amount.

According to his former advisor Marin the amount was for money lent personally to Rigondeaux. “Me and Guy Spiegelman did a lot of work for him but he never paid us. This was money that he owed to us that we personally lent him and he never paid back. He has about $121k in his account and didn’t want to pay is,” stated Marin

Rigondeaux, who fought three times in 2012, winning the WBA Super Bantamweight title against Rico Ramos defending it twice against Teon Kennedy and Robert Marroquin.  The bout with Marroquin was an interesting one and Rigondeaux wasn’t legally cleared to fight with Marroquin until fight week because of pending lawsuits and promotional issues.

“In reality he owes me more than that. I never got paid for my work especially when we got him the best fights while his manager (Gary Hyde) just sat there and picked up his 25% and never did sh*t for him. It’s a shame and I wish him nothing but the best but business is business. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to go this route but business is business.”

Rigondeaux was slated to defend it a third time in 2012 against Poonsawat Kratingdaenggym, in what many considered his toughest test to date.  However, due to a failed blood test by Poonsawat, the bout was cancelled.

Rigondeaux was looking to have a good showing on the undercard of the Nonito Donaire-Jorge Arce fight televised by HBO, in hopes of landing a fight with Donaire fight. Rigondeaux has been aiming for a Donaire fight since he won his belt against Ramos earlier this year. The bout is rumored to be happening this year with Donaire asking that Rigondeaux take Olympic style drug testing which Rigondeaux says he has agreed to.



Here’s a text copy of the judgement: rigo judgement