Roach-Mayweather Sr “It takes him 10 minutes to say one word”


freddie-roach-boxing-trainerCome fight night on May 2nd, two of the best fighters of this generation will tango when Floyd Mayweather Jr. takes on Manny Pacquiao. But if you’re looking for the two people who will be hyping the fight up, look no further than the two corner men, Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Freddie Roach.

The two have been involved in a rivalry of itself in the 5 to 6-year lead up to this fight, especially every time Freddie Roach picks up an award for trainer of the year.

Roach chimed in on his opposition and feels that Mayweather being with his father makes him an easier opponent.

“Luckily Roger won’t be running the corner for Floyd, his dad is in the corner. I think Floyd Sr. makes it an easier fight for us,” Roach, told The Rappler. “The dad’s not as good a trainer; he’s not as good a fighter. He keeps telling me how great he is, but it takes him 10 minutes to say one word in the corner. Roger is the better fighter; Roger is the better trainer. Roger has more wins with Floyd than anybody. I think it’s a huge mistake getting rid of Roger and going with his Dad. I love his Dad in the corner.”

While the family seems to be on good terms, The Mayweather family has a history of feuds, either between the brothers, Roger and Floyd Sr., or between the father and son pairing. In what will likely be a long war of words en route to May 2nd, it seems like Freddie Roach gas begun his firing.