Roach on Ariza Working with Mayweather: ‘It’s Only a Matter of Time Before He Get’s Fired’


    000085599It became big news last week when Manny Pacquiao’s former strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza was spotted in a photo with Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather posted a picture of Ariza helping him stretch out before a run on Instagram.

    It was also reported that Mayweather has invited Ariza to attend his upcoming fight with Marcos Maidana on September 13.

    Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach was asked what he thought about the whole thing and he responded, “That’s probably where he belongs.” Roach’s remark brought laughter to the media members in attendance and prompted another question from the group. How long do you think it would be before he (Ariza) got fired? “Well that’s just a matter of time,” Roach said.