Rob Nichols Anxious To Return, Unable To Land a Fight


Rob Nichols started his professional boxing career late in life but has done well for himself. He has lost only once in his career when his eardrum was ruptured during a fight from the first round but he continued on and fought through it. He has won every other bout in his career with the odds against him. He has been mainly put up against heavyweights who outweigh him by a lot while he is just a cruiserweight.

Nichols last fought in March and has not received any offers to fight. The time off for him is frustrating as he wants to remain a very active fighter throughout the year. “Why is it that I’m ranked #5 in Cruiserweight by the National Championships of Canada, tied for #6 on BoxRec and #2 under the National Boxing Authority in Heavyweight, yet I am not able to line up a fight anywhere in Canada? My last fight was in March and unless something changes in boxing in this country I won’t be fighting until September when my local promoter puts on their next show. With the frustration I have building from all this, I really feel sorry for the poor son of a bitch that is put in front of me next time I get in the ring. This is completely ridiculous,” said Nichols who is getting very anxious to step into ring. Until then he stays busy by working out and sparring with his stable mate Paul “P-Mac” MacKenzie who fights on May 31st in Edmonton, Alberta.