Rob Nichols Not Sure If He Will Still Fight On September 13th After Opponent Pulls Out Of The Fight


In boxing, as in life nothing is certain. Fights are negotiated, contracts get signed and fights are scheduled and you begin training and even if you do all of that it does not mean you will go through with the fight whether something happens to yourself or your opponent. All that hard work can go to waste.

That is what is happening to Canadian prospect Rob Nichols who was scheduled to fight on September 13th in Edmonton, Alberta on the Killer Instinct card.

Nichols had been in search of an opponent for a long time and his patience was wearing thin. All that went away when it was announced that he would be facing a friend and former training partner in Nick Penner. Even though the fight was against a friend it is what Nichols needed especially after a longer layoff than he had originally expected but as I said nothing is certain.

According to an online post by Nichols trainer, Sterling Craig, Penner has pulled out of the fight and with such a short time until fight night, Nichols may not even get to compete if someone does not fill the slot.

“I feel so bad for my guy Rob Nichols,” said Craig. “All he wants to do is box, but again he is out in the cold, because the guy we had lined up to fight had to pull out. This is not the first time this has happened to Rob. Rob is a great young man who has fought everyone he was asked to fight, even when the other guy had 70 to 80 pounds on him, he still fought. This is a hard pill for him to take. Now all we can do is hope that someone will take the fight, but it’s not looking good as of now. Hold your head high Rob. I have always been proud to be your coach. You truly are a fighter.”

After months of waiting for a fight Nichols is now forced to wait just a bit longer to find out if he will be in the ring or on the outside looking in.