Rob Nichols on His Recent Loss


    10599679_696809103721841_255891466935478260_nCanadian prospect Rob Nichols (6-2-1, 4 KO’s) can’t help but be frustrated and disappointed after what transpired last night in his fight in Montreal when he took on Didier Bence (10-1, 3 KO’s). Nichols was able to bust up his opponents face and send him down in the first round but the referee did not rule it a knock down and failed on several other calls, but he still remains focused, humble and is ready to move forward in his career and is ready for whatever comes his way.

    “Well I was a very frustrated person last night after preparing for a fight and not having things go my way,” said Nichols. “Sure there were definitely some elements of the fight like some non-calls by the ref. for low blows and a probable knock down in the first round, but I can’t take anything away from the quality of boxer Dider Bence was during the fight. I say boxer as he knew how to evade, clinch and hold and flurry before the bell to leave lasting impressions for scoring. The blood on my back and shoulder from the clinches have evidence that I was hurting him with shots to the face but I did not get enough in to the body to slow him down.”

    Nichols believes that Bence’s amateur experience played a big part throughout the fight but Nichols did enough to leave a lasting impression to those in attendance.

    “For only having ten amateur fights against a six time national champion with around 40 amateur matches, my power, will and determination was not enough to get me past his experience. I believe I did make a lasting impression on the spectators and the promoter here in Montreal. I was treated very well and I have nothing but good things to say about the quality of show they put on.”

    Learning never stops and Nichols states that he needs to improve himself and he will continue fighting on.

    “When I get back home I know I have homework, a list of things I will be working on. You won’t be seeing me having a pity party or moping about [because I] lost my last fight. A loss sucks but if you don’t learn from the mistakes you might as well just tie your hands behind your back the next time. Congratulations to Didier Bence. You are a great fighter. As for my next opponent, I feel bad for you and what you will be facing next time I get in the ring as I plan on being better than what I showed here in Montreal. This story is not over yet!”