Robert Garcia “I want to see Mayweather skills against somebody like Pacquiao.”



While writers and websites have capitalized off of fighters, promoters, trainers, and other key boxing figures making predictions on how a potential mega bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao would turn out, it seems like the realists in boxing are having too much trouble getting passed their own rationality and doubts on the fight actually happening. recently published a video interview with one of the best trainers in boxing Robert Garcia, and he spoke about several topics, including the potential Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown.

The video of the Oxnard-based trainer was published on FightHype’s YouTube channel and he was asked his thoughts on the bout from a general perspective, but Garcia’s thoughts reflected the general feeling that the fight wouldn’t get done for May 2nd, although Garcia did mention some inside speculation that suggests the fight is already signed.

“A lot of people might know better than me, a lot of people saying it’s already done,” Garcia told FightHype. “I still don’t think that fight is done, and I don’t see that fight happening, but if it is I’m going to be excited because I really want to see that fight. I want to see Mayweather really show his skills against somebody like Pacquiao.”

Most assume Mayweather Jr. would beat Pacquiao, and Garcia isn’t saying anything that suggests he feels different, but he is at least bold enough to make the statement that it is a difficult fight for Floyd and that Manny possesses skills that make him a live dog in the fight.

“Pacquiao is very awkward, very difficult, [and] not easy, so that’s a fight I really want to see, but I don’t see it happening.”

It seems pointless to speculate any further until the fight actually gets made. If ever, but too many people are dismissing Pacquiao’s chances and not giving Floyd enough credit for the consideration, or perhaps giving his skills too much credit is the problem.

Regardless, if this fight isn’t made then no consideration will be given to either fighter, and rightfully so. However, I have a small hunch that Mayweather will receive the blame from the majority of fans and media.