Robert Garcia Says Mayweather Should Be the A Side in Pacquiao Fight


    robert_garcia_t750x550The Mayweather vs. Pacquaio saga is continuing with new negotiations underway for the mega fight. There were various reasons why the fight hasn’t happened before. There seems to be various reasons why the fight is getting stalled now.

    Tha Boxing Voice caught up with Robert Garcia to see what he thinks are the reasons why the fight hasn’t happened or if it will ever happen at all. Garcia answered by saying, “It would be a great fight if it did happen, but I don’t see it happening. I think thats a fight fans will never get to see.” Many people share the same sentiments as Garcia. He gave his reasons on why he believes the fight won’t happen. “Bob Arum and Pacquaio are not going to want to take a lot less money than what Mayweather makes, but I agree with Mayweather wanting more money.” Garcia added, “Mayweather has done enough to earn more in the fight. Pacquaio lost a couple times already and if the fight does happen the split should go Mayweather’s way. He sells the most PPV’s and makes the most money.”

    I tend to agree with Garcia in saying I don’t think the fight will happen, but I am truly waiting to be proven wrong. We are getting a ton of excuses on why the fights negotiations go astray every time they start. You can probably start and end with Mayweather and Bob Arum and if you look at their checkered history together, you will most likely find out why things get stalled every time. I wish all fight fans good luck on this repetitive roller coaster ride.