Robert Guerrero Is Ready To Become a Household Name


    Robert Guerrero (30-1-1, 18 KOs) is a Four-Division and Six-Time World Champion. With accolades like that, it’s strikingly odd that he is not more of a household name. Robert Guerrero, “The Ghost” as he is called amongst the boxing world is looking to be one of boxing’s brightest stars. “The Ghost” has been just that in the last few years fighting only twice since November 6, 2010. Since his return to the sport after an almost year and half Hiatus, Guerrero has become, dare I say it, damn right annoying; calling out the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Victor Ortiz, Juan Manuel Marquez, and even Manny Pacquiao. Now at the time of this entire name calling, Guerrero had been a career long featherweight and lightweight. Calling out names two divisions above his weight class, well let’s just say it didn’t sit well with the fans.

    Soon Guerrero’s screaming and fussing about being the best in the world landed him an opportunity. Somehow he landed a WBC interim welterweight title fight with hard nose but largely untested Selcuk Aydin for the WBC and the fight would take place at welterweight. Finally we had a Barometer on which to go off of to compare the cocky out spoken Guerrero. The stage would take place at the HP Pavilion, San Jose, California, Guerrero, a 126-pound featherweight for most of his career, moved up to 145 pounds to take on Aydin, hoping it would lead to a possible date with a higher-profile fighter. Guerrero proved he could still win after moving up two weight classes. Whether he has done enough to warrant a date with a big-name fighter like Floyd Mayweather Jr., clearly was not the case. “I felt great at welterweight,” Guerrero said. “I wanted to fight the best and that’s why I fought Selcuk. No one in the division wanted to fight him. He’s been avoided. I came in and took care of business,” expressed Guerrero.

    Be that as it may, his performance landed him a fight with world recognized Former IBF and WBC welterweight Two-Time World Champion Andre Berto (28-1, 22 KOs), definitely the marquee fight that Guerrero needed in order to be taken more seriously. 

    “They don’t give me the credit I deserve, so I just have to keep winning.  I wanted to find one of the strongest guys out there that no one else wanted to fight to prove I’m the best,” said Guerrero.

    We have to respect Guerrero because this is no easy fight, and I’m sure Berto will be the favorite in this fight. A win over Berto and Guerrero will have his Josesito Lopez moment. It takes true grit and a big heart to test yourself in fight like this. We are beginning to be more and more accustom to seeing show case style fights, so when we get a guy like Guerrero who willing to lay it down just to be called the best, lets back this fighter. This is the throw back style fighter mentality. 

    “I know Berto is coming to fight and he’s hungry, but so am I. I’m always hungry. I’m hungry all the time because I want to be the best in the world, not just a world champion. I don’t want to settle, I want to be the best,” declared Guerrero.