Roger Mayweather Let The Games Begin: “He [Mayweather] gon’ get rid of Pacquiao. Pacquiao can’t do shit with my nephew.”


Roger+Mayweather+Mayweather+v+Marquez+News+yj-I_VUcVNIlLet the Gaaaaaaames begin. As soon as Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather(47-0, 26KO’s) vs Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao(57-5-2, 38KO’s) was officially announced, the time between then and their May 2nd date at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada was guaranteed to be filled with every imaginable titbit of information about the fight.

Rumors, hearsay, opinions, speculations, insider info, comments from the fighters, from their trainers, from their gardeners, their second cousin’s ex-boyfriend; all of it will flood the internet in the coming months whetting the appetite to unbearable levels. And at this early stage in the game there has been a definitive and dismissive soundbite provided by former welterweight contender, and trainer/uncle to Floyd, ‘The Black Mamba’ Roger Mayweather.

Speaking sideways into a camera for, Roger had but one thing to say about the most significant fight of his nephew’s career.

“My nephew, he gon’ get rid of Pacquiao. Pacquiao can’t do shit with my nephew.”

As simple as that. He’ll just get rid of him. Like a fly buzzing dangerously close to a fresh bowl of cereal, he’ll just give a quick flick of the wrist and be done with it. I for one would expect nothing less from the Mayweather camp at this, or any other stage in proceedings as we begin what is sure to be an interminable nine-week wait for fight night to arrive. Roger has never given any of Floyd’s opponents a second thought such is the belief he has in his kin’s ability, and justifiably so.

There will be time for predictions and reasons for them in due course. Though I have to believe that Mayweather must be going into this one as the heavy favourite, regardless of whether he is fighting he who is presumed to be his most dangerous opponent to date. For now, I’m just over the moon that both Floyd and Manny can be found on the same page.