Roman Gonzalez Feels An Estrada Rematch Would Be Easier, Says The Right Man Won The First Time Around


    Juan Francisco Estrada recently commented that the only reasons why Roman Gonzalez holds a victory over him are because they fought at 108 pounds and that the judges gave Gonzalez the victory because he was the champion at the time and was undefeated.

    Upon hearing Estrada’s statements Gonzalez said bluntly that the fight was close but the judges picked the right fighter as the winner.

    “What an ignorant kid that doesn’t know what he is saying,” said Gonzalez. The truth is that I beat ‘El Gallo’  in a tight fight and never said it was a wide victory. The important thing is that I walked away with my hands raised. I did not force the judges to pick me to win.”

    A rematch between the two fighters would be huge but according to Gonzalez it would be easier this time around but one of the things that has not been brought up is the fighters purse.

    “I see a rematch with Estrada as an easy fight because I have the formula to beat him. I have a plan to beat him easily. Against ‘El Gallo’ I would train like never before because I know it would be a big event. The fight with Estrada has been talked about a lot but there has been no talk of money. That should be talked about because it is the most important issue.”