Roman Gonzalez Motivated To Put His Opponent Away Early, Feels It Will Be A Good Year


    Former world champion Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez is just a week away from his first fight of the new year and is working hard in the gym preparing to take his shorter opponent out early in the fight to make it an early night.

    “For this fight we are working a lot with hooks because Kantun is shorter than me,” said Gonzalez. “If I use hooks combined with uppercuts and working up top I should be able to knock him out quickly.”

    Not being a world champion has motivated Gonzalez and after recently being ranked by the four sanctioning bodies he wants to impress.

    “I am in very good condition for this fight that is taking place in Mexico. I’m motivated, I feel good with the weight and I hope to make a good fight on February 15th. I’m not a world champion but I’m ranked by the four major bodies of boxing and that motivates me to work hard and earn the third crown (of a third division) in my career.”

    Although he is not looking past his opponent, Gonzalez expects a spectacular year ahead of the 15th.

    “I thank Jesus Christ for all the wonderful things that are happening to me. 2014 will be a great year because great fights will happen and that is what fans and myself both want.”