Barry Hunter On Changes Made In Lamont Peterson’s Camp, Plans To Move To 147 Pounds If No Money Fights At 140


    Lamont Peterson made a statement in his last fight that even though many may have written off, he is not done yet.

    Peterson’s trainer Barry Hunter was recently on Tha Boxing Voice podcast and stated that since that since Peterson’s loss to Lucas Matthysse that some changes have been made in training to benefit not only Lamont but other fighters within the stable. One of those key changes was a nutritionist.

    “We went back after the Lucas fight and I had to flip my plate over and make sure that I did everything that I was supposed to of done and what it is I can do better so we won’t be in that situation again,” said Hunter. “One of the things I wanted to bring to the table was a nutritionist. I thought it was time that Lamont and some of the athletes in the gym really know how to eat and how to diet before a fight. We brought that in and it really did wonders for them to learn how to eat, when to eat, what to eat and he has been eating all organic food. He ate it for the fight and it really, really helped him out a bunch. That was one of the lightest weights that we made since the amateurs. Maybe once or twice since we’ve been pro.”

    Had Peterson worked with a nutritionist would things of been different? You never know but Peterson had underwent drug testing before the weigh in and gave quite a bit of blood then had to try and lose a few pounds which may have affected him from the weigh-ins to fight night and confidence was never an issue..

    “He had given up so much blood before and I think it was the day of the weigh-in and not to take anything from Lucas, he did what he had to do to win the fight but nevertheless, truth is from early that morning to the weigh-in he was running around doing these tests and we still had  a weight issue. We had to get the weight off, you know a couple pounds and on top of that no rest and then we gotta go wake up tomorrow under the great pressure and stress and perform against one of the most dangerous fighters in all of boxing. I definitely think it played a key role. (There is) never a lack of confidence. That’s the one thing that we are very, very confident in. Going into the boxing ring and doing what we do. We know how we prepare. We know what we have been up against from the amateurs all the way up to the present time.”

    Hunter continued, “you think about it, you revisit that fight, early on in that fight the plan was working. He stuck to the plan early on in the fight and then after punches behind the head and a lot of stress leading up to that fight we fell off the game plan and that cost us. If you take this Lamont that you just saw vs.  that Lucas Matthysse then you got a different outcome.”

    Since Peterson’s comeback fight after the Matthysse loss he has called out Matthysse for a rematch as well as the last man to beat Matthysse in the ring, Danny Garcia. According to Hunter, if Peterson is unable to land those fights at 140 pounds he may then leave the division and make a move up to 147 pounds in search of big fights and bigger paydays.

    ” If the names at 140 are strong enough for nice paydays that’d be cool. But if the names are no longer at 140 there is no need to stay there anymore.”