Roman Gonzalez Officially The Mandatory For Akira Yaegashi, May Face Juan Purisima On April 6th


    With Roman Gonzalez’ next fight quickly approaching his promoters have scrambled to land an opponent that would push for Gonzalez to fight for a third world title. His promoters no longer have to worry about securing someone noteworthy because Akihoko Honda of Tieken Promotions recently received a letter from the WBC which states that Gonzalez is now the mandatory challenger for the 112 pound title.

    Gonzalez was thrilled with the news that he is now closer to fighting for his third world title but  Gonzalez is set on not letting the future cloud his vision of the present. So now the search is on for a softer opponent this way injuries will not get in the way of the title fight. Currently in the lead to face Gonzalez is Filipino fighter Juan Purisima (11-4-1).

    “Our plans have changed completely,” said Silvio Conrado who manages Gonzalez. We spoke with Honda and we were no longer interested in a very tough fight on April 6th because we are the mandatory challenger and there is no way for Akira Yaegashi to slip away from us this August. Instead, we will go with a soft touch. When picking Roman’s opponents we thought this could backfire and he could get a cut or the fight could be so hard or end badly and then the title fight wouldn’t happen. ”