Roman Gonzalez On Battling The Scales, Ignoring Criticism And Accepting Whatever God Gives Him


    Roman Gonzalez has come a long way in his career since his debut in 2005.He has won several titles in two different weight divisions and successfully defended said titles without ever being defeated in the ring and that has happened due to his hard work and his dedication. Dedication to his craft and to God but Gonzalez admits that he could lose just like anyone else in life, everyone has their time.

    “No one has ever taken my titles,” said Gonzalez. “I’ve never even lost them on the scale and I will try to never lose them on the scale because of my commitments to God, my family and my people. I have a great responsibility. I take the utmost care of myself in each fight because I feel better things are coming my way but everyone has their time. I have more fear of the scales (than losing to my opponents) and that’s why I take care of myself and eat healthy at all times.”

    Gonzalez has earned the title of Nicaragua’s second greatest fighter right behind Alexis Arguello but within every fight and every victory he receives criticism, some harsh from his people and boxing fans around the world but he takes it with a grain of salt and keeps pushing forward.

    “Everyone has a right to state their opinions.  I don’t have to answer to anyone besides God and my family. I do my job and I get paid well for it. I’ve been in 38 fights and have not lost yet. You must thank God for everything that God gives you whether it’s good or bad. I want to know what will people say when I win a third title in a third division. There are a lot of envious people out there as well as good people that love you and some that hate you but it is part of the job. It’s what God gives you.”