Ruben Guerrero was not surprised at 97-92 score


    Ruben GuerreroRobert Guerrero left the Stub Hub Center on Saturday afternoon as the victor in his fight with Aron Martinez.

    In some eyes, he should have lost the bout. In most everyone’s eyes, he didn’t deserve the 97-92 scorecard that went in his favor.

    His father and trainer, Ruben Guerrero knew beforehand that Martinez was going to be a tough out and wasn’t surprised at the rough night his son had.

    “My thing is I know Martinez was coming to fight,” Guerrero said. “I knew he was going to train hard. He got an opportunity, and everybody wants that opportunity. Those are the ones you need to watch out for, the ones that are hungry and train hard, and he was ready to come, he came to fight. We knew it already.”

    Guerrero said he wasn’t surprised at the 97-92 card because Guerrero was the hometown fighter and felt a lot of rounds were close and went Robert’s way.

    “You’re in his (Guerrero’s) hometown, I can see it, stated Guerrero. “He’s got all his fan base here in L.A. It happens everywhere, everybody’s going to boo and has got more family and people here. It’s a close fight, could have went either way, but my son won. People are not happy but we got the one, and that’s what matters.”

    Guerrero went down in the fight, but his father knew he wasn’t hurt.

    “I know he was going to come up. I know he wasn’t really hurt. He got hit in the balls and then got caught with a punch, and they called it a knockdown. Like he said he took the standing count, he was hurt when they hit him in the balls. He told me in the corner he was fine, and I told him ok soon, let’s get to work. Let’s box a little bit more.”

    Ruben expects Robert to return in September in a much bigger fight.