Run It Back December 7th Sandoval-Perez


Jesus Sandoval (3-1-3) is never in a bad fight and seemingly has a style that works well for draws. Already early in his professional career, Sandoval has witnessed the word draw three times out of seven fights. It was a fight that you wished Fox Sports 1 to lead off the show’s telecast with as Sandoval and Sammy Perez (1-2-2) stood toe to toe engaging in a battle of wills.

For Sandoval this is now a pattern in his career. In March he nearly brought down the house in Redwood City as he fought Alberto Torres (4-0-1 1KO) in a very exciting and fast paced draw. In June Sandoval faced Christian Silva (1-2) and won, but many felt it could have easily gone the other way due to the sheer volume of overhand rights Silva was landing on Sandoval. Sandoval responded on Monday Night before a packed house in Redwood City, California, not far from his home gym Gladiators Boxing, and like Sandoval fought like a gladiator.

It started off fast with Sandoval getting the better of the exchanges, his friends and family close to the ring screaming at every hard blow he landed on Perez which seemed like nearly every second of the first round. Then the tide turned in round two as Perez began opening up and landing on Sandoval who started throwing punches with more malice and in exchange he sacrificed accuracy leaving an opening for Perez to counter.

With Sandoval no longer moving forward, Perez began to entice him to the middle of the ring by dropping his hands and yelling at him. It was the type of role reversal that happened in “Sugar” Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns, yet it happened in the first six minutes of the fight.

Sandoval, who is the definition of grit, showed his true toughness by bouncing back and winning the third round. It was the final frame that was in limbo as a rivalry amongst onlookers came to fruition.  The crowd was split 50/50 by the end, half Perez, half Sandoval.  The final round could have gone either way, but Perez just simply seemed focused on not losing the fight. As the bell crashed it put a halt to the action. The crowd stood up for the two Super Featherweights who fought one of the best four round affairs you could see anywhere on God’s green earth.

The outcome of this encounter, a draw, and what I hope happens next, a re-match.  Paco Presents Boxing and Don Chargin Promotions are planning on coming back to Redwood City on December 7th and it would seem that this fight would be a well-deserved rematch for both men. The rumored card for December 7th would be in the same venue, The Sports House in Redwood City. After the war that occurred at this sold out show, it seems like a rematch would bring back those wanting to see a really good fight. I  salute both Sammy Perez and Jesus Sandoval for a fight that ranks up there with Anthony Lenk vs. Ricardo Williams Jr. in the realm of the best fight anyone ever saw and a truly memorable affair.