Russ Anber Says Blame the Jackasses That Pay for Fights Like Mayweather-Paul


By: Julio Garcia

News broke on Sunday that Floyd Mayweather will make his return to the ring in an exhibition and it has the boxing world buzzing. It’s announced that his opponent will be Jake Paul and the buzz continues but with a tremendous amount of negativity.

There are very mixed emotions towards Mayweather-Paul. Those that support Mayweather are all for it. Some of his fighters want to be on that fight card and why not? The exposure will be huge. Meanwhile, others are left scratching their heads wondering why won’t Floyd fight a real fighter instead of a YouTuber. 

There lies the solution to your problem. If you don’t agree with the fight and what’s happening don’t support it. 

Whether you agree with it or not Floyd is set for another huge payday. You can’t blame him as his nickname is “Money” and he’s getting that money. Who you can blame is the people that buy it according to Russ Anber.

“In fairness, you really can’t blame Floyd or Paul,” Tweeted Anber. “The only way they can even think about fighting each other is because of the jackasses who will buy and pay for this! Thats the problem.”