Ryan Ford Continues Journey To Bigger Things


    Ryan Ford made a name for himself in combat sports through hard work and dedication. He did not just use his father’s success as a boxer to gain notoriety.  He pushed himself as a fighter and made himself known throughout the Mixed Martial Arts world. He brought that same dedication and determination with him when he made the permanent move over to boxing. He quickly rose in the rankings with impressive victories at home while putting on a  clinic in defeating former Canadian cruiserweight champion Rob Nichols on short notice.

    Aside from fighting at home, Ford also fought all over Canada and traveled overseas include two fights in Russia for the WBA International Super middleweight title and the WBA super middleweight Intercontinental title. Dropping those two fights on the scorecards but the respect he gained from the fans and from the eyes of the boxing world proved to be far more.  Ford has earned another opportunity to fight for the WBC Intercontinental super middleweight title in Germany.

    After a short return home, Ford took to social media to announce his upcoming bout which he will be training and Montreal for.

    “Been home [for] 10 days with the fam & now it’s back to [a] 6 week camp in Montreal. Already missing them & I haven’t left yet! If an opportunity knocks I answer. I’ve said it many times I’m a provider for my family.”

    Ford continued “you know I’m not one to shy away from a challenge or take easy fights! My last fight was a track meet, this will be a war, no running. I will be fighting the WBC International super-middleweight champion Avni Yıldırım 18-1 on May 12th in Germany for his title. Back With coach Thompson to put in that work. We ready already! Now we have more time to sharpen & add tools.”

    Julio Garcia