Ryan Ford issues a challenge to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.


By: Julio Garcia

Two weeks ago Julio Cesar Chavez JR fought and the boxing world did not pay much attention to his fight.  Earlier on in his career, Chavez was must-see TV but as his career went on a lack of dedication developed.  Things got out of hand and you would never know what you get with him. Needless to say it has hurt his marketability.

Ryan Ford is a light heavyweight fighter and former MMA star out of Edmonton, Alberta.   His dedication to the sport and training is off the charts. He’s willing to take a risk and has oftentimes gone to a fighter’s backyard to fight them. He has not always been victorious and in some instances, he has received a few bad cases of hometown cooking when it comes to the judges and referees.  Needless to say, he has put himself in a great position and is ranked the number 35 light heavyweight in the world according to BoxRec. 

Ford is always looking to fight and  Throughout the years called out the big names in the division to no avail. Ford needs the right fight to land him those big fights that he wants and if he could get the right name on that list it could present those opportunities And Ford sees Chavez as the name that could possibly do that.

Let’s fight amigo,” Ford said in a message to Chavez. “You had your tune-up now [it’s time for]a really fight!! I’ve been out 9 months [and] by the time we fight it will be 11, almost a year if we get it on in January- February 2021. MAKE IT HAPPEN!”