Sam Watson Confident in Mares-Santa Cruz Fight, “Get Ready for a Big One”


Sam Watson Brandon Watson Marcus WatsonIt was about three years ago when people first started considering a showdown between Mexican fighters Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz. At the time, both fighters were undefeated and making waves in separate divisions, although Mares was definitely in a better position as the more recognizable fighter.

Regardless, a fight between the two seemed logical and somewhat inevitable.

The situation has changed since then, and it isn’t as prestigious a fight as it once was. The fight is still big and could still be the war we all expect, but Mares losing to Jhonny Gonzalez and Santa Cruz’s decision to fight poor opposition in consecutive fights that span the last several outings has definitely hurt the fight. Well, I guess the fight is still marketable, but their reputations as elite fighters have certainly taken a hit, and that has to affect the match up to a certain degree.

However, a fight like this could give the winner a huge boost and skyrocket them into a higher level of commercial appeal. Although, the argument could be made that if both of them continued the same momentum they had a few years ago then a great fight would’ve boosted both careers win or lose.

Mares is currently without an opponent, although reports suggest he will be making his “PBC” debut soon enough.

Santa Cruz will be fighting on the Mayweather-Pacquiao undercard on May 2nd against another less than formidable opponent in Anthony Settoul. Mares claimed that he would take a fight with Santa Cruz on short notice and volunteered himself as Santa Cruz’s May 2nd opponent, but there was never any chance of that happening, and understandably so.

The good news is that they both seem willing to fight each other and since they are both Haymon fighters—Al Haymon bought out Santa Cruz’s contract from Golden Boy Promotions last month—and it would be an easy fight to make for all parties involved.

Still, fans are hesitant about seeing Santa Cruz in a big fight since he’s gone out of his way to avoid any fighter with a pulse. However, Sam Watson, a trusted Haymon guy, told Dontae’s Boxing Nation that the fight will happen in an interview published on Dontae’s YouTube channel.

“Abner wanna fight Leo Santa Cruz, we got both of them baby. I love both of them. They gonna fight, too, one day. It’s gonna be a great fight. Get ready for a big one there. [Santa Cruz] going to fight May 2nd, a quickie, but yeah, they’re going to fight. They already want to fight. They don’t have no bad blood, but they want to fight,” Watson told Dontae’s Boxing Nation.

Watson seemed very adamant about a Mares-Santa Cruz fight, and he was equally excited about the prospects, as are we all. In the same interview, Watson was asked whether or not we’d see Santa Cruz fight guys like Scott Quigg and Guillermo Rigondeaux.

“All of them going to get the opportunity,” Watson replied emphatically.