Sam Watson: Floyd Mayweather Will Pick His Opponent After The Super Bowl


    Anticipation has built up for quite some time with several pushback’s on the announcement on whom Floyd Mayweather will face on May 3rd. There were plenty of options out there but they slowly began to string themselves out by taking other fights or legal problems and though the options are smaller now you still never know who will be picked.

    Mayweather has kept busy though. He is always in the gym and training to keep in great shape but aside from training he has entertained himself and others. According to Sam Waatson, Floyd has done numerous activities for Kids With Cancer and even participated in a celebrity basketball game which included some big stars. He will also be attending the Super Bowl this Sunday and is expected to make the announcement on who his upcoming opponent will be shortly afterwards

    “Floyd is taking his time,” said Watson. “He will be picking his fighter after the Super Bowl, Super Bowl Sunday so next week you should hear something from Floyd’s camp. Mayweather, he is getting ready. He is at the Super Bowl so he is having a good time every day, taking care doing a lot of benefits for kids now, Kids With Cancer doing a big celebrity basketball game over the holidays in L.A. and it was really nice. He had Jamie Foxx and Cedric the Entertainer and a bunch of celebrities out. It was really nice.”

    Mayweather plans to fight twice this year. Once and May and once again in September as he has done several times in the past during the biggest weeks of boxing around Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day.

    “Floyd’s ready. Floyd is always ready to fight. He is fighting twice this year. May third and again in September so he will make his own decision on who he is fighting.”