Saul Alvarez Believes Miguel Cotto Should Fight Whomever Will Benefit Him Most


    Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is still one of the hottest fighters in boxing despite losing to the current best fighter today, Floyd Mayweather. Talk has circled about Canelo facing Puerto Rico’s Miguel Cotto in what would promise to be another tremendous event but a reported offer by Top Rank to pay Cotto $15 million to face Sergio Martinez could temporarily block the fight between Canelo and Cotto.

    ” I don’t know if that is their plan but if they are going to give him that amount (of money) then it’s all good,” said Canelo. “If he has a better offer then he should go to where it will benefit him more.”

    Should the fight not happen then there are plenty of options out there for Canelo and he will soon know who he is going to face and he wants the best fights possible for boxing fans, including himself.

    ” There are many options left for me and we will know who I am facing soon.  Boxing always looks for the best fights for the people and myself included to satisfy us. Everything else is extra.”