Sergio Martinez: “Chavez Hasn”t Taken A Punch From An Elite Fighter Like Me”

    Sergio Martinez - Sergio Martinez v Paul Williams
    (November 19, 2010 – Source: Al Bello/Getty Images North America)

    In most eyes, Sergio Martinez is one of the top 3-5 fighters in the sport of boxing. Since his upset of Kelly Pavlik and his knockout of the year victory over Paul Williams 2 years ago, all Martinez was missing from his mantle was fighting on a major pay-per-view, growing his status as a star in the sport of boxing. He has that now in his fight with the son of a legend, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

    The press conference picked up this week and you could feel the animosity in the air In New York City, where was live for. Martinez loves it. “The fight is good. This is my moment. It’s the fight I always wanted and you could tell that by the emotions I displayed at the presser. We are presenting a good battle,” Martinez said to

    Chavez-Martinez was a fight that no one fathomed a year ago would even take place. Now that it’s here, a big issue most fans and media alike are wondering about is Chavez, and the controversy surrounding his drug testing that has taken place in his last two fights.  Martinez however isn’t bothered by that and said, “It’s not my job, and it’s the commission’s job. I feel that the commision will do its job. Hopefully Chavez does his job and doesn’t cheat.  I don’t know why they haven’t tested him before but my camp will do its job to ensure the testing from the commission, but you have to ask Chavez the questions why he was not been tested. “

    Martinez feels its justice that he’s finally getting his big fight and credit has to go to his promoter and manager. They are just more than in ring acquaintances to Martinez though. “We are a team inside and outside the ring.  They got the fight I deserve but it’s just not boxing with Lou (Dibella) and Sampson (Lewkowicz), it’s like family,” stated Martinez.

    It was said to most people in boxing circles that Andy Lee was going to test Chavez. Had Andy Lee beating Chavez, Martinez would have been the mandatory for Lee and The WBC Middleweight title. Although that may have been a good fight, it wasn’t the mega fight Martinez craved for. Martinez respects Lee. However he was not worried about Lee pulling the upset and stated, “I know Chavez was going to win. Whether by decision or by knockout, I wasn’t surprised.”

    Chavez has come a long way and is now seen as a formidable test to the Middleweight king. To some Chavez’ best asset has been his chin and his ability to take shots to wear down his opponents. Martinez is not concerned and is very confident in his ability to score the knockout. “He has a tough chin, sure. I’ve fought guys with tough chins too, and I knocked them out. While he hasn’t been knocked out, he was yet to take a punch from an elite pound for pound guy like myself. I’m knocking him out September 15th.”