Shakur Stevenson Arrives, Dominates Oscar Valdez To Win Unanimous Decision


    It’s been a long time coming since shining in 2016 Olympics in Rio but Shakur Stevenson finally had his moment in boxing when he took on and soundly defeated Oscar Valdez via a twelve round unanimous decision.

    The speed, skill and footwork of Stevenson was evident and he had no issues controlling the pace of the fight. Valdez had his moments throughout the fight and his right was able to land but it was few and far between.

    Midway through the fight Stevenson scored a knockdown. Valdez was not hurt but that did not stop Stevenson from pressing out to try and do further damage.

    The championship rounds were more of the same from the earlier rounds. Stevenson would outbox Valdez who in turn would have moments where he would connect hard rights and lefts to the body but it did little to no damage.

    In the end Stevenson won a clear unanimous decision and became a unified champion. This is the moment in his career where his star has begun to shine brighter than ever and he capped the night off by proposing to his longtime girlfriend.