Showdown at the Fairgrounds II: Results


Aaron Coley (8-0 5KOS) is making more and more noise in the Northern California fight scene. Coley, who had his own shirts for sale at the show as many fans, even though his hometown is 90 miles away. Coley applied his will on Michael Alexander, who simply just could not respond.

Alexander (2-9) , who has suffered knockout losses in four out of his five last fights felt the fate once again as he tasted the canvas late in the 1st round only to survive to the bell. In the second round it was more of the same with Coley simply overwhelming Alexander. It was apparent that Coley was the bigger man in the ring and Coley missed weight for the Junior Middleweight affair on his first go and needed an extra hour to make the limit for the contracted weight.

In the final stanza of the fight, Coley bullied Alexander to the ropes and unleashed punches of malice only for Alexander to sit idly by, not out of it, but not doing anything to tell the ref anything else but stop the fight. Alexander protested, but it was in vain as it was simple.  Coley was just too powerful on this given night as Coley now adds another knockout to his resume as well an electric performance for his growing fan base.

Abella Delivers

John Abella (5-0 3 KOS) went to war with Christian Cartier (0-3) in a fight that caused a raucous reaction from those watching. In the early stages of the fight it appeared as though Abella was just far too much for Cartier, not unlike the main event. Abella just seemed too much bigger than his foe. Yet, in the second round Cartier landed a solid counter that moved Abella back and showed he was engaged in war.

 Though Abella was never in jeopardy at any point in the fight, he had to earn the victory as he was met with resistance from Cartier, who never backed down. Finally, after getting his mouth piece knocked out several times, Cartier was dropped in the final frame only to get up and have the ref interject himself in the action causing the fight to be over. Afterwards, Abella took the mic to thank the crowd and all of those who came out, the Cabellero boxing gym protégé stated he would like to get back in the ring as soon as possible and with the reaction of a roaring home crowd, it shouldn’t be too long before this happens.

The bout was contested at a catch weight of 130 lbs. as opposed to the featherweight, even though both fighters came 2 pounds under 130 lbs.

Aldwayne Isn’t Making Friends

Aldwayne Simpson (5-0 2KOs) knows how to play to the crowd and doesn’t seem to make any friends in the rival corner as Luis Alfredo Lugo’s (13-20 5KOs) corner calling him an asshole as he went to shake hands. Simpson, who stunned the onlookers with quick hands and amazing counterpunching seemingly needed to get himself engaged in the fight and did so by mocking Lugo in the third round. This lead to both men in the middle of the ring with their hands by their sides asking the other to come near.

Nonetheless, Simpson is an incredible athlete who performed a near perfect somersault out of a clinch at one point that would have gotten a ten from most Olympic judges. Simpson, who simply said “Skills pays the bills” at the weigh in when asked what his outlook on the fight was, appears to have the “it” factor needed to become a compelling fighter who people will follow. Simpson won all four rounds and was awarded a decision.

Alberto Torres

Alberto Torres (4-0-1 1KO) finally got his knockout as it came against debuting Percy Peterson (0-1). Torres, who went toe to toe with Peterson in the first, backed Peterson up in the second and never looked back. Like a man looking out for his family’s future, Torres invested in body punching that by the third round had Peterson trying to fight back, but physically unable. For Torres, this will look to be a marquee win to move him up the ranks, as his style of engaging in a fast paced war makes for a fun affair that had onlookers constantly engaged.

The Justified Draw

Luis Cruz (0-0-1) found himself in a hard fought draw with Miguel Lopez (2-1-1 1KO). It was simply what do you favor in fighting? In the first round, Lopez stood at a distance and would work over Cruz who seemed reluctant to let his hands go. Lopez showing bits of flash would entice Cruz by shuffling his feet and showing off his hand speed. In the second round though, Cruz was the aggressor and used rough house tactics to get the fight to the ropes and frustrate Lopez.

It appeared it was Cruz’s fight to win by the third round until the fourth round arrived and neither really did much, but the cleaner puncher of the two, Lopez, seemed to land the crisper combinations allowing for the draw to occur. In a battle that had the crowd on its feet from the second round on, I doubt anyone would object to a rematch, right?

LaRon Mitchell

LaRon Mitchell (2-0 2KOs) has two fights at heavyweight and already two quick knockouts. In the opening bout of Saturday’s affair, Mitchell was hit by a quick one two from Blu DeLong (0-5) and seemed to wake up. Mitchell in minutes nearly put DeLong to floor as it was ruled a slip only for DeLong to find the canvas seconds later. The finish to the fight came not much later as Mitchell showed a great ability to close the show by knocking out DeLong, who was counted out as he laid flat on the canvas. For Mitchell this is the start of a very promising pro career in a division that needs new blood.