Soto – Rios Delivers Despite Being Past its Prime, Hope for Gamboa – JuanMa?


    Julio Garcia

    On February 23rd, boxing fans were treated to an entertaining fight we had hoped would have happened almost 10 years ago. Humberto Soto and Brandon Rios once were world champions in the lightweight division and boxing fans expected one hell of a title unification but nothing ever came of it. Fast forward nine years and the two fighters are now past their prime and much, older and slower but that did not stop them from putting on a show for the fans.

    From the opening bell there was a tremendous amount of action as both fighters went at each other constantly. There was very little defense and this scrap but when it appeared, Soto had the better defense and his counters on Rios were very eye-catching. As the fight went on you figured someone had to go and with Soto being the older fighter and appearing to slow down a little bit you figured he would be the one to go but both fighters continued landing on each other up until the final bell. Soto won via unanimous decision but both men put on a performance that’s surprised a lot of people given the facts of how hard they have fought throughout their career and how much damage they have taken over the years.

    That being said, I am giving hope for another fight that should have happened over a decade ago but due to several circumstances, the fans never got to see. A fight between Yuriorkis Gamboa and Juan Manuel Lopez. Both men have seen better days and the light that shines so brightly on them in their in their heyday has long since faded. A fight between the two might mean nothing 2 most in the boxing world but with what’s we saw with Soto and Rios it shows that it might not matter how old are how faded they are, if they step in the ring with each other it can still produce fireworks if the two men are up for one last hurrah.

    Julio Garcia