Staff Picks Garcia-Matthysse: Matthysse Edges Garcia By The Narrowest Margin


Fight week is upon us. Not only do we have the biggest fight in a while with Floyd Mayweather taking on Canelo Alvarez, but we also have Danny Garcia facing Lucas Matthysse for supremacy in the 140 lb. division. This fight on its own is a main event and to me is the best fight on the 2013 schedule. The fight is 50-50 in many eyes and will be guaranteed action. Because of that, we are giving it, its own breakdown and picks article from the staff at Here’s how we weighed in on the fight.

Staff Picks:
Jeff Ruffino: Garcia by KO 9.

I believe they will test each other’s chins, but ultimately, Garcia will wear the smaller man down

Shade Awad: Matthysse 8th round TKO

It’s not a question of if there is a knockout but when. Danny has power and a chin to go in there and slug it out with Lucas. In the end, Lucas’ power is greater than Danny’s chin. Lucas wins by 8th round TKO.

Peter Clarke:  Matthysse by 5th round TKO

Danny is the better boxer, but I don’t consider him an “elite” boxer in the Floyd, Pac, and Marquez type of skilled way yet. Plus, I have no doubt someone will get stopped in this one, so I’m going with the harder puncher, Matthysse by 5th rd TKO.

Suzan Classen:  Matthysse by 5th round TKO

I am definitely going for Matthysse, his strength and his skill of being able to become the aggressor throughout the fight is what is going to give Matthysse the upper hand.  His power is something Garcia has not encountered in his previous fights. Although Garcia beat Zab Judah while Matthysse lost to him. that was three years ago and I truly believe Matthysse won that fight. That fight was just as close as Garcia vs. Judah, if not more. I see Matthysse wearing Garcia down by 5 with a TKO.

Jacqueline Purcell:  Matthysse

I like this fight. I think that this will be a huge test for Danny Garcia, and I am not so sure he will pass. Matthysse has shown incredible power in his most recent performances, and while Garcia has done the same, the ages of his opponents have been considerably higher. I believe in Garcia, I have since he was fighting in the Blue Horizon in Philadelphia so I want him to win. If Garcia can withstand the power of Matthysse he might be able to pull off the victory, however I would not be surprised if the night ends early with a Matthysse victory.

Eddy Narvaez: Garcia Early TKO

I’m taking Danny in this match up. Danny won’t run from Lucas. And in the middle of the ring, it’s all Danny. I see Lucas reaching with a right hand to the body and Danny catching him with a left hook of the counter. Somewhere around the 3rd or 4th round.

Gil Aviles:  Garcia

When this fight was originally announced, I figured that Lucas Matthysse would win this bout rather easily.  However after listening to a lot experts and doing some research on my own, I have come to the conclusion that Danny Garcia is the more versatile fighter and I have no doubt that he will be the much bigger man in the ring on 9/14/2013.  I am picking Danny to struggle a bit in the first three rounds weather the storm early, shocking Lucas at times with his ability to take a punch and by landing bombs of his own.  Danny will prove to be the better boxer. He will then proceed to beat up Lucas over the remaining rounds, causing a late stoppage or UD win.  The haters will start to recognize after Danny proves them all wrong, yet again! 

Robert Ortiz:  Garcia by 5th round TKO

This fight is what fight fans absolutely dream of,  50-50 pick ’em fight on paper between the top 2 fighters in their respective division, who also happen to have 1 punch knockout power, and to top it off they are both aggressive by nature. So who would I give a 0.0009% chance of winning to? I lean towards Danny Garcia.

What it comes down to is that, I feel Danny has more tricks in his bag. This in no way means that I feel Lucas isn’t technically sound and capable of boxing. Lots of people tend to think that if you’re a puncher and/or aggressive, you automatically can’t box and are technically deficient. That way of thinking, specifically for this fight, is not true. With that said I see that Danny has a better all around game. Add to it the power, and he has all the makings of knocking out a guy who comes forward and tends to reach with his shots. Matthysse is tailor made for Garcia.

People will point to Amir Khan and say that Garcia got hit a lot. My theory is this; Khan couldn’t hurt him so Garcia took the shots to land his hook. He kept firing it over and over again. Garcia’s corner has the ability to develop excellent game plans. Matthysse seems to use his skills and power to impose his will, no real strategy necessary. Of course, and the power in Matthysse’s fists is such that all the skills in the world may not matter. He can simply graze Garcia and end the fight.

With all the firepower in this one, and the tendency to want to fight (unlike Donaire and Rigondeaux), I give Danny Garcia the win by 5th round knockout.

Chris Carlson: Matthysse by Split Decision

The definition of a 50-50 fight, both men will get hurt or at the very least buzzed. I won’t be surprised if both fighters kiss the canvas. Can Danny fight smart and box on the outside the whole fight? My guess is no, when he gets caught with something he will go to war. Even if he decides to fight safe “The Machine” will close the gap and wear him down. I’m picking Matthysse but putting money down on Garcia who is a very live underdog.

Marco Garcia: Matthysse by TKO 6

Danny Garcia’s heart, iron will, and desire to prove wrong those that doubt him will unfortunately end an exciting run that includes impressive wins over 3 former world champions. I believe that he will connect early and often on Lucas Matthysse and maybe even score a knock down in the first couple of rounds, but his willingness to engage in a firefight will lead to his demise. Lucas has been sparring with the much faster Timothy Bradley over the last couple of weeks and this should help him adapt to Danny’s footwork and timing earlier than in previous fights. Once he starts shrinking the distance between him and Garcia, he will begin to land stiff jabs and solid right hooks to the body that will get his opponent’s attention and draw him into unnecessary exchanges. From this new distance, both fighters will trade heavy blows but Lucas will take advantage of Danny’s willingness to sacrifice defense for a punch of the year and score a stoppage in the 6th round. Lucas TKO 6

Joe Habeeb: Garcia Late Stoppage

It’s hard for me to believe that Lucas Matthysse is a three to one favorite over Danny Garcia. On paper and because of the two styles involved, it looks to be a pretty even fight to me. Although Matthysse has looked pretty devastating as of late, which has caused many people to favor him in this fight; I think Danny Garcia is being seriously overlooked.

 In his close and disputable losses to Judah and Alexander, Matthysse seemed to have problems when they kept him in the center of the ring and on the outside. Matthysse to me is a mid-range fighter and needs to get somewhat close to land his power shots. The secret to nullifying his power in my opinion is to keep him at a distance and constantly turn him forcing him to have to reset his feet.

 I see Garcia as the quicker fighter and he is also taller and rangier. Matthysse may have a slight power advantage, but I feel Garcia is the better boxer/counterpuncher. I expect Garcia to fight a disciplined intelligent fight by keeping Matthysse on the outside with his jab and if “The Machine” is able to get inside I see Danny tying him up and walking him backward until the ref breaks them. I see Garcia being the busier fighter in this match-up, and I feel he can outwork Matthysse much like Judah and Alexander did in their fights. I’m going with Garcia by late stoppage possibly in nine or ten rounds because I feel he will wear Matthysse down with a volume of power shots or possibly catch him reaching in with a counter shot.

Victor Salazar: Matthysse late stoppage

I think we’re going to have a great fight on our hands. I like both fighters and how they have come up in their respective careers. Garcia was basically a sheep for sacrifice in his Amir Khan fight. Since then, Garcia has been on a roll and done what he does best, win. Matthysse has 2 hard fought losses when he went into his opponent’s back yard and received questionable decisions in the Devon Alexander and Zab Judah fights. Since then he’s been on a tear stopping his opponents early and often. To me this is the best fight on the one and best fight to possibly make out of any. That being said, I have to make a pick.

The key to this fight depends on Garcia’s willingness to trade and how he can take Matthysse’s punch. Can he box disciplined and move on those 2 flat feet many have said he has. There’s no denying Garcia’s amateur pedigree and I feel he will be the bigger guy. But if he’s hit hard against Matthysse, will he stand in the pocket like he did with Judah and Khan to take some shots to land his own? And if he does, how will his shots affect Matthysse. Danny’s power to me is a little overrated while his timing is underrated. Garcia’s timing is one of the best in the game and when he times that left hook, it’s a thing of beauty. Matthysse has proven he can take a punch, but one as nicely timed as Garcia’s left hook? Not sure

I think Garcia telegraphs his punches to much especially his right to the body that will live his chin exposed to a strong Matthysse left hook or straight right. Sparring with Tim Bradley suggests that Matthysse is preparing for a Garcia that may be more willing to box than trade and from what Bradley told us, he is ready. I think this ends up being a great fight that will have Angel Garcia stopping the fight in the later rounds because Garcia has proven his heart and will go out on his shield, so I’m going Matthysse late stoppage.

Nestor Gibbs: Garcia by Decision

It’s simple, Garcia has more experience on the big stage and has beaten the more elite fighters.


If you’re counting the total, it’s a slight 7-6 edge for Matthysse and that’s how even this fight is.