Stan Surmacz Ahumada temporarily stepping away from boxing to treat heart issues


    Canadian born Polish-Filipino heavyweight prospect Stan Surmacz Ahumada announced via social media that he will be stepping away from boxing temporarily to be treated on issues with his heart. The Edmonton fighter has been plagued with PVST since he was fourteen years old but did not find out about it until two years ago. He will over the next three months be treated for a more complex issue with his heart.

    “Two years ago I had a heart procedure to treat a heart arrhythmia I’ve been living with since I was fourteen. I had PVST, my heart rate would get up to 220+ beats per minute and was triggered by doing strenuous activity, it would last anywhere from fifteen minutes to a couple hours. Even though it tired me out, I would still train and play sports through it not knowing what it was until two years ago when an episode made me feel like I was gonna pass out. PSVT was eventually treated and all was well, but now atrial fibrillation has creeped into my life and my heart rate spikes up to 200+. In a little over a week, I will be going in for another heart procedure which is a little more complex to deal with than psvt. I will be on blood thinners before and for three months after my procedure. That being said, I will have to step away from the ring for a bit until the doctors give me the green light to compete again. I will be allowed to train and stay in shape till I get off the blood thinners so that will stop me from seeing those 280 pound days anymore haha. I would like to give a big thank you to KO boxing for putting me on their cards, the coaches I’ve worked with over the years and all my friends, family, and fans for their support! You guys are amazing! My heart literally isn’t in it at the moment, but one thing about me is that I always bounce back. I see it as a bump in the road and that I just gotta trust the process. I shall keep you guys posted on my recovery! Thanks again!”

    Ahumada last fought on December 8th, winning via unanimous decision over Mexico’s Christian Larrondo.

    Julio Garcia