Devon Alexander-Victor Ortiz A Hard Sell?


    Years ago the junior welterweight division was the hottest thing in boxing. Names like Timothy Bradley, Amir Khan, Marcos Maidana, Lamont Peterson, Devon Alexander and Victor Ortiz were amongst the best in the division and almost any fight involving any of these names was guaranteed to be a good one. Sadly, we did not get to see all these top names fight each other to crown a king of the division. Each has gone on to find some success at points in their careers and have significant wins.

    The desire to see these names face off today are not as exciting compared to what they once were and are in fact very minimal, but that does not mean it won’t happen anyways. ESPN’s Dan Rafael has reported that former champions Devon Alexander and Victor Ortiz scheduled to fight each other on Fox on February 17th in El Paso, Texas.

    The fight will more than likely be a hard sell as Alexander had been away from boxing for a couple years after battling an opioid addiction and didn’t look too impressive in his come back fight against Nicaragua’s Walter Castillo. Aside from that, he does not have a huge fan base outside of his native St. Louis. Ortiz will have a bigger following in Texas due to the Mexican population but due to his past in the sport, many Mexican fans have turned away from him. His last fight was against an opponent that lost each time he stepped up in competition but served as a confidence booster for Ortiz.

    It’s a shame that we had to wait for both of these fighters to be way past their prime to fight each other but this may serve as a make-or-break for both fighters with the loser possibly heading out the door.

    Julio Garcia