Steve Belmontes a Free Agent Once Again Following GH3 Release


Steve BelmontesAs quickly as the partnership between Steve Belmontes and GH3 Promotions began, it ended. Belmontes’ manager Adrian Clark has informed that Steve, the younger brother of lightweight contender Jerry Belmontes, is no longer with GH3 without ever having competed for the promotional company.

Belmontes signed with GH3 earlier this year after finding it difficult to stage fights in Texas where he’s from. GH3 has several dates with multiple television networks and has already promoted televised cards with success. The hope for Belmontes was that he could work his way up the promotion’s ladder with his entertaining style and possibly land a TV date.

However, GH3 was forced to cancel Steve’s May 22nd date because the Nevada commission would not approve several opponents submitted as options. Then, Steve was scheduled to fight last weekend in Vegas, but they still could not offer any certainty on who the opponent would be.

The situation felt too familiar for Clark and Belmontes. As a result, Belmontes was given his release at the request of Clark.

Clark offered up a statement regarding the final outcome with GH3, which is understandably disappointing for all parties involved, especially for the fighter who has not fought since his debut win last August.

“I am not here to bash anyone, but the truth is GH3 dropped the ball,” Clark said in a written statement. “They did not keep their word to Steve nor myself and that’s the disappointing part. When I agreed to sign Steve with GH3, it was because how confident I was that they could move him and the dates they had.”

Now, Belmontes finds himself in the same situation he was in to begin the year. The time lost is an unfortunate set of circumstances, but Clark is confident that they can make up the time by getting a fight quickly and allowing Steve to display his exciting fighting style.

“I’m very disappointed in the lack of communication and professionalism to resolve the situation [with GH3]. Back to the drawing board. I’ll have Steve back in the ring soon enough. People are going to fall in love with his style and aggressiveness.”

Thaboxingvoice attempted to contact GH3 personal for a statement on the matter, but contact was unsuccessful at the time of this story being published.