Stevens To Team Golovkin: “If I’m On Vera’s Level, Why Don’t You Come and Take Me Out!”


    As I check out this video of Curtis “The Chin Checker” Stevens, doing pad work, does he even go by that name any more?  The first thing that I notice is that Curtis looks slow and plodding, even in doing his routine pad work.  Tha Boxing Voice as is customary takes this opportunity to tell Curtis, about some controversial comments made about him. They tell him, “Curtis, Curtis, I had Abel Sanchez on our radio show, he said that you need a few more fights before you can fight Golovkin, because you are on that Brian Vera level.”

    Curtis took offense to the statement, countering with, “Who did they just fight Hiroshima?  What 147lbs or 154lbs?  He is small”. It was actually Nobuhiro Ishida who fought Golovkin.  Stevens goes onto say that, “They going to make excuses so Gennady don’t get his ass knocked out, please send the contract.”

    Does he even know the historical significance of Hiroshima?  That is actually one of the two Japanese cities that the United States nuked and whipped of the map, to end World War 2. Along with the city of Nagasaki…..but I digress. 

    Mr. Stevens goes on to say, “If I’m on Brian Vera’s level, then why would he not just come and take me out, since you popping so much shit?!” Tha Boxing Voice stirring the pot as usual. You have to love it, if you are a real boxing fan. However, Curtis Stevens a heavy banger no doubt, has lost to Andre Dirrell and Jesse Brinkley. He also got knocked out by unheralded Marcos Primera, who owned a record of 19-15-2 at the time. He really is not in GGG’s level, in my opinion, and Abel is not too far from the truth in his assessment of his talent.  Enjoy the Video!  Follow me on Twitter @castlehillgil, if like my article, more to come.