Stevens’ Trainer Predicts A Fast Brutal 1st, Then a Boxing Match


    “What we are trying to do is make it an integral attack, upstairs and downstairs. I haven’t seen Gennady tested either way. But 9 out 10 times, when a guy believes his chin is granite, you touch the body he stops slowing down. Of course, when you touch anyone in the body you start slowing down. With the educated punching and speed that Curtis has, a bunch of those body shots are going to hurt him in his tracks. We’re going to work up and down, down and up, side to side and around the back to make sure we put enough pressure on him to put him in position to finalize the terminating attack.”

    Those were the words of Curtis Stevens’ confident trainer Andre Rozier. Rozier and Stevens have been deep in camp in Easton, Pa when I paid them a visit two weeks back as they prepared for Gennady Golovkin. At first look, Team Golovkin, especially head trainer Abel Sanchez, have not given Stevens much of a chance. However, his fighter Golovkin has said he has to respect the power of Stevens.

    To Rozier, it’s just an Abel Sanchez agenda.

    “This happens when a guy comes into someone’s live with his own concept, and own believes. Being that Gennady isn’t a “Product” of Abel Sanchez per say, he has been his trainer for a couple years but wasn’t the one that started him. Gennady is a great fighter on his own strength. It’s a proof positive with the disagreements on the concepts of where they’re going and d how they will get there. I hope Abel wins this one out because he was under the impression of don’t worry Gennady, just go in there and do what you do and that would make my job a whole lot more easier.”

    When discussing the notion of Gennady being a world class puncher, Rozier laughed and stated, “Funniest statement ever, world class puncher? What does that mean? I used to know a guy that couldn’t fight a lick, but if he hit you, he’d knock down a cinderblock wall. He couldn’t fight or box but he had world class punching power. I don’t know how he refers it to dealing with world class power, it makes no sense but then a lot of the things he says don’t make sense either. But world class power will be on display with both of them.”

    He does feel both can punch but feels Stevens has that lights out power.

    “They both can punch but Curtis clearly has one punch knockout power, where you see Gennady breaking guys down, which is great too. He works guys over, except for maybe Matthew Macklin who has the heart of a peanut. All it took was a soft little body shot. I saw Gennady touch him to the side and you saw Gennady look over like what? Damn that was it? He has to put numbers together. I think he’ll find out first time he gets hit with a good body shot and short left hook what it’s all about.”

    The plan to win the fight is by any means necessary for Team Stevens. Whether it’s a one punch knockout or it’s a decision or winning on counts, but you can’t fault the trainer for being excited with two of the biggest punchers in the division squaring off.

    “I see an explosive fight. The first round might be a historic type of round like Hagler-Hearns rounds. They’re going to go after each other and it’s going to be fast and furious. After that, it will set the tone for the bout, should there be knockdowns or knockouts in the 1st round well that where it’ll end. But should they both stand their ground, it might turn into a nice boxing match. That’s what I predict. I believe both will be ready to work and aware of each other capabilities. After the 1st round, it won’t be knockdown drag out; they’ll use their boxing ability.”