Stuart Twardzik to return to the ring April 24th


    Imagine doing something you’ve dreamed about only for it to be snatched away from you right after you just got a taste of it…

    That’s exactly what happened to Stuart Twardzik of Saskatchewan, Canada. Twardzik made his pro debut in Edmonton in December of 2019 and won via TKO. Stepping back into the ring was a priority and getting in there as quickly as possible would have been the best thing to do but we cannot know what the future has in store for us.

    Covid shut down everything in March of 2020and with it Twardzik’s dreams of continuing his pro career. It took a long time for things to slowly open back up and  British Columbia has been ahead of western Canada in terms of handling the virus which means boxing is back and Twardzik will be in the ring once again.

    Twardzick will square off against Jake Daoust of Ontario. The room fighters are currently 1-0 and will be looking to secure their 2nd victory in the ring. For Twardzik kts an opportunity to fight a prospect at the same stage as he is jn his career and just being able to be back in the ring is exciting for him.

    “Finally getting back into the ring in Vancouver,” stated Twardzik via Facebook. “The fight will be a pay-per-view live streamed event so everyone can watch. I’m excited to be going up against a young experienced prospect. I promise it will be a fight worth watching, I hope everyone tunes in on April 24th. Big thank you to Three Lions Promotions and Danny  McGarvie for getting me on the card. This is going to be a great event!”