Tarver fails 2nd drug test of his career, claims he has “no idea” how he tested positive


    Antonio TarverAntonio Tarver has reportedly tested positive for a synthetic testosterone prior to his fight with Steve Cunningham this past August, SI’s Chris Mannix reported today, citing sources with knowledge of the failed drug test. This marks the second time Tarver has tested positive for a banned substance, the first time coming in his 2012 bout with Lateef Kayode in which Tarver tested positive for an anabolic steroid


    Although Tarver submitted his sample prior to the Cunningham fight, the results were not known until after it was over.


    However, Tarver is speaking out and quickly jumping on the offense by claiming that he is completely unaware of how he tested positive, denying that he ever took anything, including things that might cause a false/positive.


    “I have no idea how my urine sample tested positive because I didn’t take anything illegal,” Tarver said.  “Either the test was contaminated, or mixed-up with another sample.  We believe in the process and I will fully comply.  Further analysis will prove I’m 100-percent innocent because I’ve done nothing wrong.”


    This has to be the nail in the coffin for Tarver, especially with Al Haymon’s PBC because they have made it a point to be active against the use of PEDs – Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not a PBC fighter, in case you’re wondering – but is Tarver completely out of the PBC circle is still unknown.


    When Tarver failed his drug test in 2012 for a fight that took place on Showtime, he was doing commentating for the network and never returned to his position behind the mic. PBC has no end of qualified commentators, Austin Trout is pretty good at the job. I doubt we see Tarver, but we’ll have to wait for a clear decision.