Taylor Stops Cayo, Mago Blitzes Bisbal: Friday Night Fights


ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights delivered another exciting action of boxing. In the main event, we saw two 140 pounders go toe to toe. Emmanuel Taylor was coming off a stoppage win on ShoBox over Ray Serrano. Taylor continued the same streak against Victor Cayo.

In a bout that went back and forth, where different styles of boxing clashed. Cayo came out as normal, trying to be slick while Taylor was the aggressor trying to apply the pressure. When Cayo kept the fight in the middle of the ring and fighting behind his jab, he was successful. However when the fight was fought on the ropes, it was Taylor’s fight to win.

After the 1st round which Cayo won, Taylor’s pressure and right hand took over the next 3 rounds.  There were plenty of instances where Cayo was shook but didn’t go down. It was clear of how each fighter would win this fight.

However in round 5, the fight changed a little when Cayo dropped Taylor in the 5th round. Whether it was a flash or not, the fight changed more towards Cayo’s side as he won the next 2 rounds landing excellent body work.

The 8th round was a test of attrition as both guys traded massive shots with Cayo hitting the ground. The referee Benji Estevez stopped the halt in the very next punch giving Taylor another knockout victory.

Mago Blitzes Bibal

The Heavyweights certainly came to fight. The first 2 rounds, Victor Bisbal was using his jab and better technique to frustrate Magomed Abdusalamov. Although overweight, Bisbal certainly showed his amateur background.

However, Mago still was landing heavy shots and landing his left hand at well from rounds 3-5.  Mago looked like he had Bisbal on his way out but was saved by the bell in the 3rd round.

In the 4th round, Mago did much of the same but every time Bisbal was ready to go, he landed a monstrous shot until his legs were gone. That happened in the 5th round when Mago landed a beautiful left that dropped Bisbal and the referee said “no mas” for Bisbal.