TBV Inks Deal w/Blue Wire, Debut Show 08/29


Tha Boxing Voice Podcast/radio show has officially partnered with Blue Wire Studios in a move that begins Monday, August 29th. Blue Wire Studios is located in the lobby of Wynn Las Vegas, and the company has created a diverse network with a range of shows covering everything from sports to culture to comedy. TBV will add to Blue Wire’s already abundant sports coverage, but the network has committed to boxing in a big way.

The partnership will see an additional 5 shows per week with an option for live fight chats on Saturday. These shows will begin daily at 3 PM Eastern, 12 PM Pacific—starting with the debut show the last week of August. With a new studio full of state-of-the-art equipment, Tha Boxing Voice (TBV) is entering a new era of content and programming. TBV will continue airing shows every day at its regular time on YouTube. Since the move to Vegas, TBV has transitioned to in-studio programming, but the show’s hosts Nestor “Nes” Gibbs and Daniel Alvarez are poised to expand the show to new heights.

With this newfound alliance, TBV is set to land in-studio interviews with boxing’s biggest stars across the sport. TBV made a name for itself off the back of entertaining interviews with fighters and promoters at different levels throughout the sport. However, these interviews have almost exclusively remained remote up until the relaunching of TBV live-in-studio from Vegas earlier this year. Now, the show will be able to use their newly cemented partnership to attract major boxing guests live and in-studio.

Gibbs is very grateful for this new partnership, and he believes this opportunity is the culmination of a lot of hard work by a lot of different people.

“This is going to raise the brand, that’s for sure,” Gibbs said of the new deal with Blue Wire. “I want to thank Patrick Oaks for not just pushing me, but for helping me to realize all the potential that Vegas has to offer. I’m super excited to be here, it’s given me a reset.

“This is going to ensure the best guests and brightest future. This is the first day of the new TBV.”
Since its launch in 2020, Blue Wire has aggressively expanded its content by attracting quality shows built around incredible talent. In fact, TBV’s addition to the network mark’s the outfit’s fourth boxing featured sports program. One of Blue Wire’s other boxing shows is none other than “The Porter Way,” hosted by a long-time friend to TBV, “Showtime” Shawn Porter.

Aside from appearing as a guest many times, Shawn Porter is a crucial figure in TBV’s storied existence. One of the community’s most memorable moments was the sparring match that took place between Nes and Porter. With nearly a foot difference in height, “Showtime” showed the differences between pros and tall podcasters. Nes and Shawn remained friendly after that sparring session, and the fighter would grant exclusive access to TBV in some of his biggest fights.

“I feel like I’m following in his path, and it is great to be under the same banner as Shawn,” Gibbs said. “Shawn opened doors. Now, it’s time for TBV to capitalize with 16 shows in seven days for 12 months.”
Daniel “Danny” Alvarez is gearing up for a new set with all the new amenities.
“I’m excited to use the cough button,” Alvarez said. “It is actually an underrated tool in the radio and podcast business.”

Despite not officially starting until Aug 29, TBV is already listed on Blue Wire’s website and audio versions of the show are available.