Team Broner: Who’s Ricky Burns? He’s Scared and Doesn’t Want To Fight Us!


    “I really don’t follow anyone’s career. Boxing is an individual sport, so I’m just worried about my career not anyone else.”

    Those were the words Adrien Broner stated at his post fight presser this past Saturday when he defeated Gavin Rees via a 5th round TKO in Atlantic City, NJ. Aside from himself, the whole boxing world is in tune to his boxing career and what would be next for the self proclaimed, Mr. HBO. The one name that has been tied to Broner since before he became a champion at 130 has been Ricky Burns. The fight has yet to happen at 130 and at 135. This has caused a lot of the fans to accuse Ricky Burns of ducking Adrien Broner.

    Adrien Broner’s trainer Mike Stafford disagrees. “I think Ricky (Burns) wants to fight us. i think it’s going to happen. The media has to force it to happen.”

    A fight between Broner and Burns might do good business here in the United States but in all actuality, it would probably be a bigger fight in the U.K. But according to Stafford, there’s no way that’s going to happen.

    “We the champ, we’re not going over there, why would we do that? He’s the champ. If we fight over there, it’ll be like 2 o clock over here. If we fight over there, we’re not going to see it live, who’s going to want to watch a fight at 2 o clock in the afternoon?”

    The father of Adrien Broner however sung a different tune when the name Ricky Burns was mentioned.

    “Who’s’ Ricky Burns? He’s scared. We tried him at 130 and he ran, he basically gave us the belt. We tried him again at 135 and he doesn’t want to fight. So I’ll ask you again, who’s Ricky Burns? He’s a nobody. He’s a bum. We keep talking about Ricky Burns. If he fights us he’ll probably lose on purpose. If not, he’ll probably drop the belt, move up in weight and when we get to 140, he won’t fight us up there.”

    Regardless of who is next Stafford believes that we haven’t seen the full coming of Adrien ‘The Problem” Broner. “Believe it or not, you haven’t seen the whole package deal.  It’s a secret that we behold in the gym. It’s something you’ll see come full circle in the future when you see Adrien fight different types of opponents.