Tecate Wins Mayweather-Pacquiao Bidding War Over Rival Corona


Pacquiaoabs-TecateTecate has won the bidding war to become the official lead beer sponsor for Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao’s promotion with the winning bid of $5.6M. They outbid their rival Cerveza company Corona by roughly $400,000 with a bid of $5.2M.

The winning bid set a new record, which will be added to the other record breaking numbers pouring in from the mega fight’s revenue.

With the win, Tecate’s logo will be displayed on the official fight poster, which was released yesterday.

Tecate has been the longtime beer sponsor of Top Rank events while Mayweather fights have been represented by Corona.

The perceived issues with making Mayweather-Pacquiao a reality were thought to be too great and involved little nuances like these, but if both fighters are willing to step in the ring with one another then everything else falls in line. This is a good lesson for fighters and promoters alike that nothing should ever stand in the way of two men that want to punch each other in a sporting match.