Televisa and TV Azteca to Broadcast Mayweather-Pacquiao in Mexico


floyd-mayweather-manny-pacquiaoThe biggest fight in boxing has brought a bidding war throughout the world when it comes to television rights. Bob Arum told the media that, “Every time we think we have a deal in place, another network comes in with a higher bid.” This much is known. In The United States, the bout will be a joint pay-per-view between the two premium cable giants, HBO, and Showtime.

In Mexico, where there are two television giants, Televisa, and TV Azteca, it seems like they are going the same route when it comes to televising Mayweather-Pacquiao.

In a report by ESPN Deportes, a deal between the two Mexican television giants will be announced soon where both networks will be able to have the satellite feed to televise the fight on their networks for their customers.

It’s almost a parallel to the HBO/Showtime situation because Televisa has televised most of Mayweather’s last fights, and TV Azteca has televised all of Pacquiao’s fights since 2007.

According to a source for ESPN Deportes, “A deal should be finalized either Thursday or Friday. There are just minor details to hash out regarding money and when the bout will be televised but what is agreed upon is both showing it at the same time.’

The issue that needs to be hashed out is that one network wants to show it live while the other wants to show it on a half hour delay. There won’t be any joint transmission as both will have their play by play guys doing the separate broadcasts. For now it seems that the situation in Mexico is being resolved while other countries are waiting.

According to Arum, the fight will be broadcasted in over 170 countries. So aside from bringing in the highest gate in boxing history, most likely the most pay-per-view revenue and buys in the United States, Mayweather-Pacquiao will also likely bring in record revenue from all over the world.