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Thaboxingvoice LogoDanny Garcia is not the Goods!

Okay, I’ll admit it. Directly after the scorecards were read, I was screaming robbery and some other expletive’s that I probably shouldn’t say out loud. I mean come on. This is two out of the last three fights that Danny Garcia has gotten “gifted” to him after all. Then as cooler heads prevailed, I had to admit that it was a close fight, and it truly could have gone either way. It was not like a judge had the fight a blowout for Danny or anything, so I guess no one can really call it a robbery to be honest, but the decision was a bit controversial nonetheless.

What I will say is what I have known since the first time I watched him. Danny is NOT what he is hyped up to be. He’s not the goods people! His boxing skills are average at best and so is his power (which his record accurately reflects with 17KO’s in 30 fights). Peterson was easily schooling him in the first five rounds, and Danny could not cut off the ring at all, was throwing wild punches and tiring himself out by missing his haymakers badly. Unless you stand right in front of him, he has no idea what to do.

He would get eaten alive by Floyd, Manny, Thurman, Brook and any other top welterweight he faces. At this point, I wouldn’t even pick him in a rematch with Amir Khan (especially considering Khan was dominating the fight before he got caught). Once he finally steps up his competition, he will be exposed, and the hype will be gone. If you can’t even hurt Lamont Peterson then you definitely are gonna have issues with the bigger, stronger fighters, and bigger fighters that can box are even more dangerous for him since he lacks true boxing skills.

Mayweather – Pacquiao Update

Leo Santa Cruz was added to Mayweather – Pacquiao undercard this week. While he is Mexican, and he is fighting on Cinco de Mayo Weekend, I sure hope we don’t get another substandard fighter. Yes, he is moving up in weight but that is no excuse to have him fight another C level fighter. It’s time to step up the competition Leo and give the fans a quality opponent.

Floyd Mayweather Sr says they are planning on doing great bodily harm to Manny in the fight, and he also made a couple other jabs at Manny fighting Cotto and De La Hoya at catch weights this week. He is surely holding up his end of the talking for the Mayweather camp, but he hasn’t said anything that he hasn’t already put out there already.
Pacquiao said he will not doing any more interviews so that he can have time to focus, which is a smart thing for any fighter to do let alone one in the biggest fight of all time.

Too bad he can’t shut up Roach and Arum! Roach has had another week of saying dumb stuff about Floyd to include Manny doesn’t like Floyd because of his domestic violence issues, and he will be fighting for domestic violence, etc. Arum says Floyd can’t spar because he has a cut lip and has been getting beat up in camp leading up to the fight, etc.

Neither one of these jokers have any inside information on Floyd’s camp and neither one are even thinking of bringing up things like Manny has a child with a prostitute and his other faults so just give up on the theatrics please.

If you want to know the truth about the misgivings of both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, check out this unbiased article by Diana Moskovitz of Deadspin.

Keith Thurman said this week that he thinks Manny can drop Floyd in the fight which is almost like saying that he thinks water is wet. Anyone can get dropped in any fight. Manny has the power and speed to hurt Floyd, but the opposite is true as well so it’s not like Keith was spouting off some expert analysis that no one else knows about.

Lee & “Overweight” Quillin Fight to a Draw

In what was the first televised fight of the night on the PBC on NBC, Andy Lee took on Peter Quillin for the 160lb WBO middleweight championship of the world. Or it would have been for the WBO belt I should say if Quillin would have made weight. I don’t see how you can be out of the ring for almost a year and then come back and not make weight. That is very unprofessional and unacceptable. At least the fight was a decent scrap that ended in a draw. Quillin got a knockdown in the first round on an overhand right that had Lee in trouble, but he failed to follow up in round 2 and let Andy off the hook.

Quillin was credited with another knockdown in the 3rd but it was clearly more of a trip than a knockdown and luckily one of the judges (Bruce Feldman) called it that way because Lee actually won the round.
The middle of the fight was controlled by Lee due to Peter being too respectful and hesitant, which led to him getting knocked down for the first time in his career. Quillin came back a bit in the 11th and 12th rounds, but it wasn’t enough to pull out the victory with the judges. Quillin not only lacked discipline to come in on weight, but he also seems to lack finishing skills or killer instinct. He has had many world level opponents hurt but failed to put them away. I am not sure if he is scared to take chances or what, but he definitely must work on this in the future. As far as Lee goes I am happy he didn’t lose, and I hope he gets a big payday against GGG or Cotto in the near future.

Rocky Martinez beats Orlando Salido

In an outcome that I surely didn’t predict, Rocky Martinez beat Orlando Salido for his 130lb title. Martinez floored Salido in the 3rd and 5th rounds as well as received a point from Salido for a low blow in the 12th. The fight was entertaining, and it breathed new life into Martinez’s career after it had looked all but over following a bad loss to Mikey Garcia. Salido did what Salido does and made a war out of it by fighting borderline “dirty/rough” but he could not overcome the knockdowns or point deduction. Saldio will most likely be back and win another big fight along the way as has been his career path, but this was definitely a setback for the former champion.

Brook Versus Gavin Announced

At first I was kind of disappointed when the announcement was made that Kell Brook would fight Frankie Gavin at The O2 in London on May 30th because I wanted to see him step it up and fight a bigger named fighter like Rios, Marquez, Bradley or Thurman. Then I figured if Garcia can fight Salka, and Khan/Pacquiao can fight Algieri, then Brook can have one more domestic fight to make some decent money. In addition, the undercard is pretty loaded with WBC Lightweight Champion Jorge Linares versus Kevin Mitchell, Lee Selby versus Evgeny Gradovich for the IBF Featherweight title and Anthony Joshua versus Kevin ‘Kingpin’ Johnson. Even being disappointed by the main event a little I still think this is a great card and will definitely be worth watching no matter what.

Boxcino Heavyweight Tourney Results

Donovan Dennis KO’s Razvan Cojanu

I remember listening to Tha Boxingvoice radio show the other day and actually liking the interview with Cojanu because he was so charismatic and honest. Then when he got blasted by Dennis in a one punch KO and I started to feel bad for him. Cojanu is just too slow and robotic to be fighting an athletic heavyweight at this stage of his career. He does not use his size very well, and he seems to start slow. Dennis, on the other hand, is a dangerous southpaw and could very well end up winning this tournament and going on to bigger and better things within a weak heavyweight division.

Fedosov Stops Thomas in the 3rd Round

As reported by Tha Boxing Voices, Mario Mungia, Thomas started hot in the fight by scoring a knockdown in the first round. Fedosov made it off the canvas and didn’t seem to hurt. Fedosov’s pressure began to overwhelm Thomas by the 3rd round, and Thomas didn’t have an answer for it, so Fedosov turned up the heat and landed punches in bunches to send Thomas to the ground. Thomas failed to beat the count, and that is all she wrote. With that he advanced to the Boxcino heavyweight final where he is on tap to meet Donovan Dennis in what should be a good little scrap as long as it lasts.

Boxcino 154lb Tourney Results

Thompson out Boxes Skorokhod in Boxcino 154lb Semi-final
I knew after watching the previous bouts of Ukrainian Stanyslav Skorokhod and American John Thompson that we were going to get the classic boxer versus puncher matchup, and the two combatants did not disappoint. In this case, Thompson’s boxing abilities carried the day as he effectively took charge of the fight and never gave in to the constant pressure or Skorokhod. This will serve as a lesson to Stanyslav that he must better equip himself to handle boxers in the future. Thompson will now head into the finals of the 154lb Boxcino tourney where he will meet Brandon Adams in a winner takes all scenario.

Brandon Adams TKO’s Vito Gasparyan in 7

Vito Gasparyan came into this fight only knowing how to fight one way which was “brawl”. To his detriment, that is also the strong suit of Adams as well, and it led to Vito’s undoing. Adams was the stronger of the two by far, and it showed when both exchanged punches. The brawling led to Gasparyan developing a huge cauliflower ear that grew more and more grotesque as the fight went on which led to the referee stopping the fight. Adams will now go on to face Thompson in another boxer versus brawler match up that will show just who’s style is the most effective as well as deciding a 154lb Boxcino winner.

Boxing Tidbits and Talk

Golden Boy Promotions won the purse bid for the Hassan N’Dam vs. David Lemieux fight. They won the bid by placing a $102,000 bid but more notably they were the only ones who bid surprisingly for a fight that should be pretty decent.

Willie Monroe Juniors trainer is an idiot! Sorry, Willie. Trainer Tony Morgan was arrested on Tuesday in Florida for reportedly trying to sell methamphetamines to undercover police. Willie says that it won’t affect his training for GGG, but it has to in some way or another. For Morgan to be so stupid and selfish when his fighter has his biggest fight of his career is downright appalling. You really can’t stop selling drugs for one fight Tony? I know we all call for trainers to be changed after a loss, but this guy needs to go before the fight even happens!

The IBF plans to offer Shawn Porter an eliminator fight against Timothy Bradley for their welterweight title. If this comes to fruition, it will be one of the most physical and rough fights that can be made in the welterweight division. It will also be a good move for both of their careers, and it will be a good sign for us as fight fans that Arum and Haymon can work together outside of the big fight.

Eddie Hearn has offered Carl Frampton £1.5million to fight Scott Quigg, but there has been no confirmation that Quigg is willing to accept that offer just yet. Rigondeaux however said he would take the money and fight Quigg or Frampton but we all know that ain’t gonna happen cause Rigo isn’t worth that much as a draw and is too big of a risk.

Another week, another Amir Khan lie. This week he denied that the IBF ever offered him a Bradley fight, but the IBF said they did. I guess since they didn’t call him personally he can get off on a technicality. Khan will do anything that he can it seems to not fight anyone that may pose a threat to him getting an undeserving shot at Mayweather or Pacquiao. He just needs to admit that he has no chin, and he is afraid of getting KOed again so we can all move past his little sideshow of wanting to fight “the best”.

Errol Spence beat overmatched Samuel Vargas on the PBC after card. Vargas was a last minute replacement (3 week’s notice), and he was no match for the skill of Spence. Hopefully, we will see Spence in with another contender soon so that we can see just how far along he is in his development as a fighter.

Marcus Browne beat down Aaron Pryor Jr. on the PBC after card as well. He was just too physically overwhelming for Pryor and forced his corner to retire him to save him from more damage.

Frank Galarza beat Sheldon Moore of Belgium in the ShoBox main event on ShowTime Friday night. It was a showcase fight for Frank, and he made sure to impress. Now it’s time to step it up in competition for his next fight.

That’s all we got for this week’s review but that is by far not all there was to talk
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