The Bad Blood Continues to Boil Between Wilder and Stiverne


    001_Bermane_Stiverne_and_Deontay_Wilder-420x280The bad blood between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne has certainly been one of the catalysts in the build up of the fight. Stiverne has publicly stated Wilder is nothing but a fraud, while Wilder continuously taunts Stiverne in every opportunity that he gets. Even though Wilder has been by far the more vocal fighter between the two sending many derogatory comments towards Stiverne and his camp, he told Tha Boxing Voice that Stiverne initiated the feud.

    Wilder stated, “Man you know it’s just a long time [ago] when he did an interview about me and I didn’t like the words that he was saying, how it was jealousy that was coming from that I was more known than him. He felt like he did something but he hasn’t done nothing, and he still unknown even as a champion. So I said I want to meet this guy I want to show him if he wins the belt against Arreola I’m coming for him. So it started from there. He won the belt and he didn’t believe I was his mandatory then the words started exchanging.”

    Wilder has certainly enjoyed the back and forth trash talk, and expressed the media should as well because the vilipend comments shared between both camps are not for show. He claims the aversion between him and Stiverne is genuine and stated, “People love this. You guys ought to be happy, some guys fake it and some guys just do it for promoting but this is so real. I’m going to destroy him in great fashion and people will see and I’m coming to do it man.”

    Now as the behind the scenes specials, press conferences, and weigh-ins have come to an end, there is nothing left to do but fight. Words will no longer be the central focus between the two combatants, only their fists as only one winner should be announced by the end of the night.