The Case For Sergio Mora To Get a Gennady Golovkin Fight


The former The Contender TV star and winner, but more importantly former WBC Junior Middle Weight champion Sergio Mora; made his ring return a few weeks back on ESPN. He was impressive in defeating a Gennady Golovkin victim, Grzegorz Proksa via unanimous decision.  He was the headliner on a Friday Night Fights card.  In a fight that I expected him to lose, as did many other “boxing writers/experts”, he went in there, fought his fight, and proved a bunch of us wrong once again.     

This is not the first time he does this. He fought the great Shane Moseley to a draw, also beat the future hall of famer Vernon Forrest, for his WBC title, and spanked the favored Peter Manfredo Jr., to win a million dollars in the first season of The Contender final.  In addition he received two controversial decisions twice in the state of Texas, versus Texas native Brian Vera.   In fights in which, I had him winning comfortably, the second time more so than the first.  Yet somehow the Texas officials managed to get them wrong twice, coincidence? Maybe, maybe not!

In his celebrated, yet roller coaster career, filled with great high and regrettable lows, he has been the victim of some very unfair criticism.  His fighting style lends itself to criticism by making fights ugly.  Consisting of good defense, solid boxing skills, and making his opponents fights his fight.  Don’t we praise Bernard Hopkins for fighting in the same exact style?  Why do we not afford him the same respect and notoriety, just asking?  Not like I am fan, so no bias here, simple observation and analysis, comparing and contrasting if you will, that is just what I do.  Your opinions and comments on this matter are welcome and fully encouraged.

Now I want to get to the reason, as to why I was inspired to write about Sergio Mora. First, I will admit that, I can not write, unless I have some personal account or in this case some unconventional vision or belief, to work with. So what is it, you ask?  Give me a minute reader, I’m getting there. 

You ready?

Alright, as I watched Sergio Mora dominating Proksa, a few weeks back.  I found myself thinking, he can give Golovkin a different look. Maybe even go the full 12, with the feared “Monster” of the middle weight division.  I believe he has the height, defensive style, experience, and chin to give Gennady Golovkin a good test and possibly win. 

He has fought 160 pounders and 168 pounders before, in addition he has seen every style that you can possibly as a pro. He also has a recognizable name for HBO and deserves one last good pay day, at the very least.  What do you guys think?