The Curious Case of Demetrius Andrade: WBO and WBC belts an option?


Demetrius-Andrade_FukudaWhat to do, what to do with Demetrius Andrade? What can be done? Andrade fought not too long ago, mid-October to be exact, on an under-the-radar card at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.


My how the mighty have fallen…


It really wasn’t all that long ago that “Boo-Boo” was a hot prospect turned champion, being heavily garnished by the media. A late 2013 win over Vanes Martirosyan made him a world champion and the summer title defense against Englishman Brian Rose that followed the next year solidified his status. And then, suddenly, things went wayward.


Andrade pulled out of a Showtime scheduled defense against Jermell Charlo in December 2014. At first, his team reported the offered purse was unsatisfactory. It was later revealed that a sly, but determined Roc Nation Sports had apparently promised to buy Andrade’s contract from his promoter, offer him a new one and pay him generously.

Well, the ‘promise’ never happened as Andrade is actively suing the boxing promotion led by Jay-Z for not holding up their end of the deal. Now, Demetrius is surely in a precarious position. A sour relationship with a major network as well as not having much luck receiving the  appropriate fights that can catapult him back into the spectrum he was in only a little over a year ago.

He has since apologized to promoters Banner Promotions and Star Boxing, however, it seems as though he has not only priced himself out purse-wise but has become more of a ‘high risk, low reward’ fighter. A position that just about never bodes well for any boxer, ever.


The tall, lanky, heavy-handed puncher, at times reminiscent of Paul ‘Punisher’ Williams, presents a physical challenge to many of his peers at 154lbs, which in turn does not make him a first choice. And recognition wise, despite being a former Olympian and titleholder, Andrade does not boast the accolades to make a fight against him, win or lose, worthwhile for any fighter. If he had any type of upper hand in negotiating matters it was the WBO title he once sported, but that is gone now, too.

It’s no secret Roc Nation misled Andrade, but some blame has to be placed on his shoulders for believing with his ears and not with his eyes. A rookie mistake in terms of business.
In his current situation, as confusing as it is, it looks as if Andrade might have even outgrown his current promoters simultaneously. Few doubt that he really wanted the Charlo fight and may just believe he is one of the best 154-pounders around, but it’s impossible to prove this when you are trying to grow, nonetheless recover from an infantile setting still.


The truth is Andrade is desperate at this point and might feel the need to go to Amir Khan and Guillermo Rigondeaux measures in calling fighters out. He is not left with much room to give at all because he is basically being ignored for past choices, but choices that broke him career wise.


At this rate, Demetrius Andrade has three options. First, he could find a way to get Jermell Charlo back on board for a future fight, as this would at least place him back into casual conversations. A win would boost his reputation even more.


Secondly, attempt to get a crack at his former belt, the WBO Light Middleweight title that is currently held by Liam Smith of England. In his most recent fight, Andrade did capture two rinky-dink WBO and WBA International belts in the same weight class, that could help argue his place for a legit title once again.


Lastly, the WBC recently announced a tournament to be held for Floyd Mayweather’s vacant WBC 147 and 154-pound titles, comprising of possibly more than a dozen fighters to participate in. This is likely Andrade’s best solution right now. Although, it will be a survival of the fittest type atmosphere, then again, name a fight that isn’t. The availability of positions leaves Andrade with more than enough opportunity to find a way back into boxing’s mainstream. Of course, it will be solely on him to not only perform, but perform above expectations if he wants to be taken seriously, again.


Demetrius Andrade can call out opposition all day long or sit and complain about how no one is willing to get in a ring with him, but it won’t briskly get him anywhere at the end of the day. Andrade is going to have to put in some legwork in some way to return to his previous state instead of letting his best years go to waste.


Time is ticking and Demetrius Andrade must do whatever he can to turn things around before the clock strikes twelve.