The Haymon Takeover, PBC to Replace ESPN Friday Night Fights


    0733018001421083380_filepickerThe Haymon Takeover continues. Today it was reported that Haymon would be expanding his reach to CBS/Showtime and CBS Sports Network. Haymon has already done time buys with other networks that include NBC, Spike TV, and is also rumored to be doing deals with BET and Telemundo.

    Now it appears Haymon is going to do the same with ESPN 2. was advised by a source at ESPN that the Friday Night Fights brand would be no more and for the time being be replaced by Premier Boxing Champions, the name that is given to the Haymon Boxing Series.

    Normally ESPN 2 pays about $60,000 in licensing fee. With this new Haymon deal that is rumored to begin in June, Haymon will supply the money and the talent for the series. ESPN 2 last Friday Night Fights on the schedule will likely be the Boxcino 2015 Tournament final taking place on May 22nd.

    According to the source at ESPN, Haymon is bringing premier fights to ESPN that would rival or be better than what he has done at Showtime, NBC, Spike TV, and CBS. The quality of fights promised by Haymon would give priority to ESPN for the best fights on paper.

    This move, will likely push out the mid-level promoters who once used the ESPN platform to stay afloat. The landscape of boxing is changing, and it’s eat or be eaten. Haymon has made his moves, rest of the boxing world; it’s your move now.