“The King”, Gabriel Rosado Holds Court With Tha Boxing Voice


Two weeks have passed since the May Day Pay-Per-View and some key incidents have taken place to shake up the boxing world.

The opening bout of the night was tremendous, especially for openers, which lately have been somewhat boring. Gabriel Rosado took on J’Leon Love in a highly controversial fight for a few reasons; Love’s weight, the scorecards, the final outcome, and most importantly the drug testing.

The weigh-in was tense. Rosado was left high and dry for a while waiting on Love to show up. Love was two hours late to the weigh-in and when he stepped onto the scales he was overweight. Love was given one hour to make up the difference in weight. “I got to wait 3 hours for this guy to step on the scale,” said Rosado in a recent interview with Tha Boxing Voice. Come fight night, Love weighed 179 pounds and Rosado had only gone up about 6 or 7 pounds. “I knew going into the fight that he was a big dude but I took the fight cuz I knew I could beat him off of experience and take advantage of his flaws. I took the fight to put myself in a better position for a world title fight.”

The fight itself was close. Love’s size did make a difference but Rosado’s experience made more of the difference. Rosado scored a knockdown and Love seemed to be unable to deal with Rosado’s continued pressure. The final bell rang; Rosado and many fans that were ringside and watching on T.V. were sure that Rosado was the victor. Judge Herb Santos was not so sure. Santos scorecard was the first card that was read. 92-97. Many would argue that the scorecard was ridiculous as would Rosado. “First thing I did was laugh,” said Rosado. “That judge should get fired.”

Aside from the scorecard the overall outcome was against Rosado which itself was a letdown. “I was disappointed in the decision; they only had me win two rounds which is crazy. It was hard on me.”

Rosado would go on to tell how exactly he felt. “I wouldn’t saying I’m a eat it all crazy or nothing like that, I mean the whole thing is the point I made it, it was on a Pay-Per-View card., on the biggest card in boxing so the whole world got to see it. At the end of the day the fans know what’s up.”

Sometime after the fight had passed and while fans were waiting on the numbers to come out to see how well Pay-Per-View came performed, something unexpected had happened. “I was patient about it. I was like something is going to come out of this and next thing you know man, he (Love) tested positive for an illegal substance. At the end of the day everything came to the light,” said Rosado. “He sh*tted on his whole team.”

After the fight many were calling for a rematch but with Love’s positive test result, it could be more of a thought than a reality. “The rematch is pointless unless there is stupid ass money. I should move on to bigger and better things.”           

Where does Love fit in after he serves a possible suspension? Rosado see’s his future as questionable with his current promoter. “He probably isn’t going to be a part of TMT,” stated Rosado. Rosado noticed the unprofessionalism from Mayweather Promotions when the fighters arrived to Las Vegas; mainly from Leonard Ellerbe who got in Rosado’s face and started a little trash talking. “If he would have touched me it would have been on,” stated Rosado.

Currently, Gabriel Rosado is not tied down in a contract with a promoter but is working with Golden Boy Promotions who have been giving Rosado some great opportunities. “I’m working with Golden Boy. We gotta sort some things out but I’m definitely dealing with Golden Boy right now.”

On possible opponents for the future, the options are great. “I do have unfinished business at 154,” said Rosado. 160 pounds is also a wide open playing field for Rosado who has fought at the weight twice and for good reason. “I can make 154 man but 160 was opportunities I couldn’t turn down.”

Rosado used to be the #1 ranked contender for the IBF championship but turned down a fight with Cornelius Bundrage and went on to face Gennady Golovkin. Even though he lost the fight with Golovkin it was a blessing in disguise that boosted his stock as a fighter.

There is a possibility of facing the winner of Ishe Smith VS Carlos Molina. Smith took on Bundrage when Rosado opted out of the fight and won the IBF championship. “I already smashed on of TMT’s boys, why not Ishe? Ishe did say he wanted to fight Molina or Rosado, so if he just not fighting Molina I am right here.” When asked about the outcome of the Smith – Molina fight he leaned more towards Molina without discrediting Smith. “I think Molina can outwork Ishe. I think Ishe got the better skills and the better technique but I think Molina got more of a grind and more of a hustle.”

After the odds have been against him so many times, Rosado continues to stand strong and fight on.


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