The Rejuvenated Daley Ojuederie: He’s Back

    “How far can I go, ALL THE WAY I just need one of the big promoters to take a chance on me.”
    Chris Willis: First of all I appreciate you so this interview. I know you must have been asked this a thousand times recently but how have the last few years and months been physically and emotionally since dealing with your problems which have stalled your boxing career and the aftermath of Big Brother?
    Daley Ojuederie “Its been hard the last year a lot has happened. Had to deal with alot of things and go through therapy cause of past of living my life in foster homes amd with no parents. Even though I’m 28 I’ve only done something about my depression in the last year. There so much stuff thats too graphic to even tell everyone about things that happened to me growing up.” 
    C.W: How old were you when you first put a pair of gloves on and what inspired you to do so?
    D.O “Put on a pair of gloves at about 13 just doing it for fun at first then I started to like it and started to compete.  I heard that my older brothers were boxers so I wanted to do it too.”
    C.W: With things looking up, what’s the deal with your licence and the BBBofC?
    “D.0 The deal with the BBBofC is a minor thing. I haven’t lost my licence im still a pro boxer they just want records from my GP to make sure my mental state is ok before I can fight.  Im currently waiting for papers from my GP to pass on to the board that’s why I had to cancel my fight cause I couldn’t get the paper work in time.”
    C.W: What sort of shape are you in? I see you were scheduled to fight on Saturday gone March 8th at York Hall. Can you tell me about the cancellation?
    D.O “I’m in really good shape, I was training for March 8th so I’m in good shape had plenty of rounds of sparring with undefeated frank warren light heavy weight Andreas Evangelou.”
    C.W: With your record 3(1)-0-1 what’s your goal for 2014? Is this year about serious gym time and a lot of sparring to see where your body is at before we see you in real competitive domestic fights. At 28 years old do you feel you need to really kick start your career now you can focus fully on your stop start career?
    D.O “Goal for 2014 is to have plenty of fights and get myself in a position for my first title.  I need to get moving as im 28 and been inactive. Everyone thinks im not serious but nobody knows what ive been through all these years with my depression so boxing was always on my mind still with same goals but my mental state wouldn’t allow me to get in the gym and focus. I still have my days but im mentally stronger now and for the first time in control of my life and destiny.”
    C.W: In your honest opinion, how far do you see yourself going in Boxing and to all your fans out there, what can they expect from Daley?
    D.O “How far can I go, ALL THE WAY I just need one of the big promoters to take a chance on me. The problem with big promoters they take on people whos got Olympic medals ABA championships ect. People like me who only had 17 amateur fights they wouldn’t take notice of. So I have to go the hard way round to make them notice me. Im even thinking of flying to America to do some sparring and gaining some experience that can help me. Even though ive had 4 pro fights I fight like someone whos had 10. And due to my inactivity I haven’t been in any wars so being 28 don’t bother me, I feel good I have my speed and reflexes of a 21 year old. Aside from boxing im doing a documentary to help young people and adults who suffer with depression.  So expect good things from me.”