Thurman “I’ve been in with punchers that hit harder than Guerrero”


keith-thurman-gets-win-over-julio-diaz-diaz-hurt-ribs-forces-stoppagethummbailKeith Thurman(24-0, 21KO’s) broke down his keys to victory for for the upcoming defence of his WBA World welterweight title against Robert Guerrero(32-2-1, 18KO’s) on Saturday March 7th in Las Vegas.

“Box smart, fight your fight, establish your power early on see how they handle it, hit ‘em high hit ‘em low, and just keep brawling for twelve rounds.”

This will mark Thurman’s elevation into the big leagues of the sport, and Guerrero represents the biggest name and the toughest challenge he has faced up to this point. Guerrero is an opponent who will validate Thurman’s reputation should he emerge victoriously and it is just the kind of scalp he has been hunting for years.

“This is an opportunity for me to finally fight a top-ten rated fighter according to Ring Magazine. You guys know I’ve been wanting to fight the best in the world for a very long time. This is the first guy I’ve got whose rated in the top ten man, so I’m just happy, and I look forward to getting past Saturday night and look forward to the rest of my career.”

It’s as if he can’t believe his luck; finally someone credible, someone who casual fans are able to identify, has agreed to fight him. All of the other top welterweights must be so mad at Robert Guerrero right now, for every time the next fighter claims he is the man to beat, critics can just point to Thurman( providing he beats Guerrero and retains his belt), who can no longer be dismissed as ‘not worth the risk’. His power alone is enough to make anyone think twice about a tussle.

We all know the power is real, it’s certainly superior to Guerrero’s in the 147 .lb. division. Guerrero has insisted he has the more solid chin though, something that is difficult to contradict when you consider how much punishment he has been able to withstand in previous fights, combined with Thurman’s former foes’ inability to put him to the same kind of test. Regardless Thurman, as you may expect, feels he has more in that department too.

“Most definitely man. I’ve been in there with punchers, punchers that hit harder than Guerrero. We’ll find out Saturday night if that statement holds up man. But just like on the flipside, his chin has held up against a lot of punchers, but can he take this punch[holding up one fist]? Or this punch[then the other]? We’ll find out very soon.”

It is clear Thurman’s faith in his own abilities is as immovable as the model’s face who stood next to him throughout this video interview. He oozes confidence, and by checking himself when saying he has been in there against harder hitters than Guerrero, he showed he isn’t just spraying out comments without first giving them some consideration. He is far from the dim-witted, thoughtless brute one would associate with a man capable of swinging his fists with such velocity.